Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Make Sense of 60th Anniversary in 'My Life as a Rolling Stone' Trailer

The Rolling Stones make sense of being the Rolling Stones in the new trailer for Epix’s upcoming docuseries, My Life as a Rolling Stone. “Mick Jagger is Mick Jagger — a very honorable man under all that crap,” Keith Richards says, laughing. “Keith’s got a reputation as a hellraiser,” Jagger says. “He’d play the Beatles all the time. It’d drive me batty.” The four-part series, timed to the Stones’ 60th anniversary — a milestone they achieved this month — kicks off Aug. 7. Actress Sienna Miller narrates the series.

Elsewhere in the trailer, lead guitarist Ron Wood sizes himself up, saying, “[Rule] number one is learn how to laugh at yourself.” And Richards toasts Charlie Watts, calling the drummer, who died last year, “the best drummer England has ever produced.”

The clip shows footage of both current interviews and archival interviews from the band’s six decades that show the group’s wit and determination. In one black & white clip, a journalist asks Jagger why he felt the band has lasted as long as it has. “‘Cause we stayed together, I suppose,” he says, straight-faced. In a modern clip, Richards recognizes that the Stones have been “turning people on for 60 years — we must be doing something right.”

The Stones are currently on the road in Europe on a tour dubbed Sixty. Despite the name of the tour and the docuseries, Jagger told Rolling Stone in March he wanted to acknowledge the anniversary with only “a light touch.” “We’re not going to go there, I don’t think,” he said. “The tour’s called Sixty, but apart from that we’re not going to do too much. I think that’s enough.”

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