‘Mixed Personalities’ Music Video: Kanye West Trapped in Grass Field

AceShowbiz -While fans of Kanye West are patiently waiting for the release of his highly-anticipated album “Yandhi”, the hip-hop mogul decides to treat his loyal devotees with a feature on YNW Melly‘s new song “Mixed Personalities”. The music video for the collaborative track made its way out on Friday, January 18.

Directed by Cole Bennett, the surreal visuals sees Melly being surrounded by robots as Kanye gets himself trapped in a grass field. The imagery gets even stranger when the 19-year-old starts falling asleep on a school desk and flirts with a green female robot with three heads, who eats a plate of spaghetti off a sprawling Melly’s lap. There are also scenes of him dancing with the robots.

As for the “I Love It” hitmaker, he is seen at one point almost turning into a plant as the grass tries to take over him.

The song itself finds the collaborators trading heartfelt verses, debating what to do about his current love interest who randomly switches up her attitudes so much that he himself is starting to have mixed personalities. “I think I got mixed personalities, this b***h switched up my whole mentality,” Kanye spits over the trap beat. “This girl, she got mixed personalities/ One day she’s happy, then she mad at me.”

“Mixed Personalities” is included on Melly’s newly-released project “We All Shine”. Besides the collaborative track, the album also features songs such as “Melly the Menace”, “Virtual” and his breakthrough song “Murder on My Mind”.

Talking about the album in an interview, the rapper said, “It’s really based on what [I] grew up on being locked for two years of [my] life. It means more than just gang banging. ‘We All Shine’ is to the universe to the whole world. It’s not just black culture but to white culture, to every culture, we all shine.”

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