Montel Williams Hospitalized After Gym Emergency

TV personality Montel Williams was rushed to the hospital the other day after suffering a medical emergency during his workout at a local NYC gym.

TMZ was first to break the news that Williams was taken to an undisclosed New York City hospital on Wednesday. Montel’s rep, Jonathan Franks, spoke to the website reassuring everyone that Williams was going to be just fine but would remain in the hospital a day or two.

Franks also shared what happened at the gym, revealing a little too much working out is what landed Williams in the hospital. While doing dumbbell squats, the 61-year-old former talk show host suddenly began not feeling well and decided to head back up to his room. However, once he got safely back to his room Williams reportedly realized something was seriously wrong. He immediately called for help.

In took less than five minutes for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene and determine Williams needed further medical attention. Although he is expected to make a full recovery, his Multiple Sclerosis means the actor cannot take any chances with his health.

Franks was clear in a Tweet he sent out the next day that Williams simply overdid it while working out. His being admitted to the hospital was simply out an abundance of caution for the actor. It was one of those it is better to be safe than sorry situations.

Thankfully, Montel Williams is OK after suddenly being rushed to the hospital this week. Although he did have to cancel a couple of motivational speaking appearances, he is ready to get back to work. In fact, his rep shared he was extremely unhappy with having to cancel the speeches, but it was per his doctor’s request There is apparently no rest for the weary in this case.

His family took the time to thank those first responders for not only their quick call to action but also for the excellent care the former The Montel Williams host received.

“The Williams family will be forever grateful for the quick response from NYFD and the excellent care he has received,” Franks revealed to TMZ.

Get well soon and take care of yourself, Montel Williams!

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