Musicians Married in Music Videos, Celebs with Music Video Weddings

Wedding season is here! So, if you’re perhaps looking for some inspiration for your future nuptials, today, we are bringing you 11 musicians who got married in music videos because, let’s face it, everything is more magical in a form of a music video.

Kicking things off hot and heavy is Demi Lovato in her music video for “Tell Me You Love Me.” The video featured some sensual moments of the singer and Grey’s Anatomy hottie Jesse Williams, but it also showed some tense scenes as well. During the video, we see the couple get in heated fights caused by jealousy and question if they are actually ready to tie the knot. And, unfortunately, when the groom leaves Demi at the altar, she deals with it in the most Demi way possible and sings with the church choir, asking him to tell her that he loves her. Ya know, the name of the song?

No Doubt also continued this trend of bitter wedding features in the band’s 2000 music video for the song “Simple Kind of Life.” In the video, Gwen Stefani frolics around in her wedding dress and her iconic pink hair as she mentions her desires to settle down with a simple man and having children. However, the song is actually about Gwen Stefani’s relationship with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, and her questions for the future because she ultimately values her independence and career over this “simple kind of life.”

Moving onto another 2000s hit, there’s Mariah Carey‘s video for “We Belong Together” that features a blonde Mimi in a white dress. This music video is actually a continuation of the video for her song, “It’s Like That,” in which Mariah Carey enjoys her bachelorette party before she marries her fiancé, played by Eric Roberts. However, thanks to a cruel game of fate, she runs into her old flame, played by Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller. The “We Belong Together” music video acts as a Part II to this bachelorette party scene, as Mariah becomes a runaway bride in the name of true love because THEY BELONG TOGETHER.

Rewinding back to the ’90s, there was the “I Do (Cherish You)” music video by 98 Degrees that featured the baby-faced boy band as wedding singers and — *SPOILER ALERT* — the past boyfriends of the girl who is getting married. The music video features the guys’ hypothetical ex-girlfriend, played by Ali Landry, walking down the aisle, celebrating her love with her new husband, and showing her best catalog-ready smile. Yes, the video is awfully over-the-top and cheesy, but the song still might bring flashbacks for anyone who went to school during the late ’90s and early 2000s. Let’s be real, you probably had this on a mixed tape or even awkwardly slow danced to this romantic jam at a middle school dance. Guilty.

While we are on the topic of oldies, we can’t leave out Guns N’ Roses iconic music video from the band’s 1991 song, “November Rain.” The narrative for this music video itself is a wild ride as the video navigates through a church wedding scene, a Guns N’ Roses performance and, eventually, to a funeral. This intense music video had an impressive $1 million budget and became a monumental video of its time as it constantly appeared as the #1 video on MTV’s countdowns all throughout the ’90s. Even today, it sits at an impressive 988 million views on YouTube, proving that both good art and music videos do indeed live on forever.

Every wedding-themed music video seems to carry its own unique quirk, but Carrie Underwood carried two wedding music videos with her own country flare. To be fair, Carrie Underwood is the queen of country music and can get fictionally married as many times as she wishes to, but the two instances she was featured in a white gown were in her music videos for “Mama’s Song” and “Just a Dream.” These two videos tell vastly different stories of a mother’s love and a heartbroken tale of an American soldier, but in the end, both videos will leave you in tears regardless.

While we are still on the topic of somber love songs, we can always count on Sam Smith‘s music video for his song, “Lay Me Down,” to trigger some major waterworks. As if the song wasn’t achingly painful enough, in the music video, we witness Sam Smith getting married in a crowd of overjoyed family and friends, just to be reminded of the heart-wrenching event that breaks up this marriage in the future. Gosh, Sam Smith can we catch a break from the sadness? And, more importantly, can we lay down in our tears tonight?

To revert this sadness into a breakup song anthem, there was Katy Perry‘s “Hot N Cold” music video that brought us some serious wedding sass. Although this song came out a full decade ago, we still can’t help but scream the lyrics today, completely loaded with frustration. After all, if we were all in Katy’s shoes, standing at the altar facing a fiancé who was hot then cold, yes then no, in then out, up then down, we would all chase him out of the church in our wedding dresses.

However, no one does a sophisticated petty wedding video better than the queen herself, Beyoncé. In her music video for “Best Thing I Never Had,” she accompanied her backhandedly appreciative lyrics with clips of her at a high school prom. We can all see in the video that her high school prom date was left by Beyoncé after he hurt her feelings with his overly flirtatious behaviors. In which case, Bey reminds him that she is prospering in the future and that he became the “best thing she never had.” No one does a gracious revenge like Beyoncé, and we should all strive for this in 2018.

Speaking of revenge, Kelly Clarkson also got married in her video for “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” Only in her video, she witnesses her love interest getting married to someone else, and runs out of her own wedding into a forest. The video obviously contained some caged feelings, to say the least, leading Kelly Clarkson to tumble around in a pile of leaves in the rain, still dressed in her wedding gown. Here she was once again, torn into pieces. However, because this is a breakup song filled with revenge, he won’t get to see the tears she cries behind her hazel eyes.

Coming in last, but certainly not least is P!nk‘s music video for her song, “I Don’t Believe You.” The black-and- music video is as solemn as the lyrics as we see P!nk walking up to the altar to find it empty, without her fiancé. Only moments later, we find out it’s not just the altar, the entire wedding hall is vacant and it’s just filled by P!nk and her sorrow as she rollerblades around in her wedding gown singing her raw and heartbroken song.

Well, sorry to end this on a depressing note, but that wraps up the list of 11 musicians who got married in music videos, and we must say that something about weddings and female pop stars seems to bring out some repressed emotions.

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