Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay Renew Vows After Nearly Divorcing

When most celebrity couples decide to split in the form of a divorce, it’s typically final. But in the case of Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay, they realized that they were better together than apart. Four months after they announced they were divorcing, they reconciled. Recently, they had a second wedding as a symbol of recommitment. 

The couple renewed their vows in an extravagant Las Vegas ceremony

In major fashion, Ne-Yo and Renay spared no expense for their vow renewal ceremony. In fact, it appeared their second time saying “I Do” was more lavish than the first. 

The rooftop event was held at the Resorts World complex in Las Vegas. All guests wore red, with Ne-Yo also changing into red at some point during the reception. Social media posts confirm speculation that Renay filled the venue with more than 10,000 red roses and ordered an eight-foot-tall cake with four different flavors.

The wedding guest list was star-studded, with Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Nene Leakes, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta alum Tammy Rivera, Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Melody Shari, and more. A ballerina danced around the couple as they performed their first dance during their reception to “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran – Ne-Yo’s own single, “Miss Independent.”

Renay gushed about the nuptials in an Instagram post. “This weekend means the world to me. Everything that it’s about and everything that it is and the fact that I get to do it with you,” she wrote in part. “I love you forever and always, a million times, a million years, I will always choose you.”

Ne-Yo filed for divorce 

The Jasmine Brand was the first to report that Ne-Yo and Renay were splitting. Per the report, Renay initiated the divorce. Rumors about Ne-Yo being unfaithful are said to have triggered the split. Renay says she later learned that Ne-Yo filed actual paperwork on social media.

Ne-Yo told the hosts of Private Talk podcast that the reason for their split was that the two couldn’t work through their individual and collective issues together., “She’s got demons just like everybody else, just like me,” he said. “We realize that our demons don’t mesh and until both of us get a hold of our personal demons it just makes things difficult. It’s not a sad thing, it’s more of us realizing…long story short, I’m never gonna talk bad about her. I’m not that person,” Ne-Yo said at the time. “There’s nothing bad to say about her. She’s a fantastic woman. She’s the mother of my children and she’s always gonna be that.”

But he didn’t appear to be sad. Ne-Yo released a song about the breakup, essentially bragging, with “Piny Ring.” In the song, he sings: “She gave back the wedding ring, I turned it to a pinky ring.”

They reconciled amid the coronavirus pandemic

Despite living separately at the time in preparation for divorce, they quarantined together amid the height of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the “So Sick” singer, the pandemic forced them to rethink things. In an interview with Good Morning Britain, he said he and Renay were able to reconnect in ways unlike ever before.

“The pandemic saved my marriage,” he said at the time. “We were talking full-on divorce. It forced us to sit down and talk about our problems and re-connect with our kids. There’s only so much FaceTime you can do.”

While many relationships failed during the time, he says their thrived. “In the pandemic, we lost a lot of people, but in my case, it helped a lot of instances in my life. We had brutally honest conversations,” he said. The same year they reconciled, he popped the question on New Year’s Eve to re-solidify their love and commitment.

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