Niall Horan’s favourite One Direction song is not what you expect

Niall Horan reacts to 15-year-old’s audition on The Voice

One Direction finally came to an end in 2016 after Zayn Malik quit the band unexpectedly, leaving the group to go on without him.

After releasing their fifth album, Made in the AM, as a four-piece, 1D eventually confirmed they were going on an indefinite hiatus.

Although the band’s ending may have been bittersweet for its members, Niall Horan has revealed he still loves a number of their iconic songs.

They earned five massive number-one singles, including What Makes You Beautiful, Little Things and – of course – Drag Me Down.

But none of these songs were in the top three of Niall’s favourites, he recently confirmed. Instead, the first track he mentioned came from their fourth album, Four.

Niall was asked by Pride what his favourite One Direction songs were, and he instantly replied: “Stockholm Syndrome was a deep cut from the records.”

Stockholm Syndrome was a melancholy track from the band’s fourth record and came in at a hefty 3 minutes 34 seconds.

The song was never released as a single, but it was a mainstay on their setlist during the On The Road Again Tour in February 2015.

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Niall went on to confirm he enjoyed “a lot of deep cuts”.

“Songs that a lot of people don’t know,” he went on, before listing them: “Fireproof, Drag Me Down, Story of My Life’ are good ones. There’s a lot of songs!”

The 29-year-old was also keen to praise his dedicated 1D fans for following him into a solo career, and continuing his success.

Niall said: “I’m 13 years in and they’re still there listening and engaged. I’m having more fun with it than ever. The older I get, the more grateful you get. It’s been an amazing ride I definitely don’t want to stop. I want to stick around forever and keep having fun with them.”

He added that, in his new album, his fans will be receiving a “new version” of him.

“The gradual progression that I’ve been able to make musically and as a person over the last five years,” he continued. “It’s definitely a more mature sound, but it’s still me! It sounds different, but it’s still Niall.”

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