Nick Jonas' Voice Contestant Details Priyanka Chopra's Surprise Skype Cameo

One of Nick Jonas' Voice contestants had a surprise star sighting from home.

During a recent Zoom call, Allegra Miles told PEOPLE that she witnessed a sweet — albeit short — cameo made by the Jonas Brothers singer's wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, over Skype.

"One time, I think it was before one of the Monday or Tuesday shows, and they were setting up the shots for the coaches and everything and we saw her walk past," Miles said. "She opened Nick's guitar case and she got the guitar out and so that was in the back of his shot for, like, a second. It was so cute!"

Amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Voice's live shows have been featuring the contestants performing remotely from home — an experience Miles, 17, and her teammate, Thunderstorm Artis, 23, couldn't have prepared for.

"It's definitely been really crazy and such a wild experience," Miles said. "We're making it happen from home and setting up lights and cameras and equipment. It can definitely be a little draining at times, but it has been incredible and very much a learning experience."

Added Artis: "When the coronavirus started happening, I thought the show was going to get canceled. To get the opportunity to continue has been amazing. It's a lot more work than we thought this was going to be, but as artists, we can show how much we really want this and how much work we're willing to put in."

Miles has enlisted the help of her sister to set up her shots from home, while Artis has leaned on his roommates and his wife, Faith McMaster, whom he married last month.

"My wife has been a tremendous help," he said. "She's way too good for me. She has made a lot of this work out. For the 'Summertime' video, she was the one working the cameras and all that. It means a lot."

Despite the physical distance, both Miles and Artis (who was stolen by Jonas, 27, from John Legend's team) said they feel just as close to their coach.

"It's very similar in a lot of ways," Miles said. "It's still very direct communication — we see him, we hear him. The type of advice and the way that he's expressing it has not at all been lacking. In some ways, I feel like he's almost going above and beyond in a sense of like, really reaching out and trying to communicate. It's been really cool."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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