Nicki Minaj Just Delivered a 'Queen' Medley While Decked Out in ~Gold~ at the 2018 VMAs

For the 2018 MTV VMAs, Nicki performed on her own stage in New York City, a hop and skip away from Radio City Music Hall, where the festivities were taking place. OK fine, it was all the way at The Oculus in Lower Manhattan, which means Nicki likely took a helicopter, had a police escort, or maybe, just maybe, took the often-dependable C train!?

Reliving @NICKIMINAJ’s #VMA performance for the rest of foreverrrrr ?

Decked out in gold and a giant pink cape (the shoulders! Bow down the shoulders!), Nicki opened the show in front of a throne set up that included ginormous wings and unicorns, just in case anyone needed to be schooled in the name of her latest album, Queen.

Earlier in the evening, Nicki won moon person for Best Hip Hop for “Chun Li.” Her speech was fun.



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