Nicola McLean bombarded with explicit DMs as she exposes ‘massive’ d*** pics

Page 3 star Nicola McLean has lifted the lid on her "vile" X-rated DMs.

The mum-of-two, 41, exclusively revealed that she is often bombarded with hundreds of "d*** pics".

Nicola said: "I literally get the most graphic s*** sent to me and you don't even know what it is so you open it then you've got massive d*** in your face and you're like 'Oh my god, this is vile'."

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But is it just men who send her unsolicited snaps?

The I'm A Celeb star added: "Oh my god, a woman the other day was messaging me about surgery, so obviously I answered her questions because I'm nice.

"Then all of a sudden she started sending me full-on naked pics and was like 'What else do I need?' and I was like 'Oh my god, I'm not a plastic surgeon and I don't want to see your vagina'.

"You couldn't see the inside but you could see the outside, she wasn't opening her legs or anything, but was fully nude and weird as f***, so I blocked her.

"My DMs are brilliant, sometimes if I'm bored I think let's have fun in these DMs. It is a very fun place to be, if you don't care then it's funny."

Nicola also revealed that she doesn't "give a f***" if fans like her GG boobs or not.

This comes after she spoke out against trolls who flood her DMs and comments with brutal comments.

The ex-glamour model said: "Basically, I don't care. It genuinely does not bother me as I put on on my Instagram, it's not lost on me that I have gigantic boobs I bought them I'm not a f***ing idiot I know I did it.

"I made them huge but I'm not asking everyone to like them."

She continued: "Right, I probably get 500 DMs a day, saying 'oh my gosh you're amazing. We love you. You're so funny. Your boobs are amazing. What size are they?' etc etc.

"I probably get a million of them and then I probably get 10 nasty ones. But the nasty ones catch your attention. So they're probably doing it for that reason.

"I call them out for the people that don't have the strength to call them out because I honestly don't care. I don't give a s***. If you do not like me, what do you know, I don't care."


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