NLE Choppa Sets Record Straight on His Sexuality After New Song’s Lyrics Spark Gay Rumors

The ‘Walk Em Down’ rapper insists that he is ‘straight’ after a video of him dancing with male dancers as he raps his newest track ‘Sl*t Me Out’, ‘Play with my gooch while you suck me.’

AceShowbizNLE Choppa has responded to rumors that he’s gay. Taking to social media the “Walk Em Down” rapper set the record straight on his sexuality after the lyrics of his new song “Sl*ut Me Out” sparked wild speculations.

Making use of his Instagram Story on Monday, April 18, the 19-year-old rapper, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, insisted that he’s “straight.” In the clip, he said, “I’m seeing people calling me gay for one thing ’cause I’m dancing in front of some frat boy friends and I sing, ‘Play with my gooch while you suck me.’ “

“Two things, man. First and foremost no disrespect to any gays. I love gay people I feel like y’all brave as motherf**ker. I’m saying I love y’all I give my full support cause y’all brave as motherfk**er,” Choppa told the viewers. He went on to add, “Secondly, I’m not..that’s not my sexuality.”

Choppa further stressed, “I f**k with y’all I rock with y’all but that’s not me genuinely that’s not my preference.” The “Shotta Flow” spitter continued asking people to stop the rumors, “So with that being said, I don’t even address none but please stop those rumors on my name because it’s not me.”

The wild rumors began to swirl after Choppa shared a clip of him dancing to his new song “Sl*t Me Out” with fellow male dancers. At one point, he raps, “Play with my gooch while you suck me/ Eat this d**k like you was ugly,” while seductively touching his body.

In the comment section of his video, many social media users speculated that Choppa is gay. “WAIT WHAT?? PLAY with his WHAT??? Are u just coming out??!!” one person commented. Another chimed in, “What did he sayyyyyyyy???? This kinda sus.” A third even asked him to “rewrite” his lyrics. Someone else wondered, “Yo bro is this u coming out?” while a separate user opined, “The dude in the back wildin tho..hella sus.”

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