One Direction 8th Anniversary, All But Harry Styles Celebrate Formation

If you’re like us, then you’ve been uncontrollably crying all day today after seeing that it’s been 8 years since One Direction (a.k.a. the best band to ever grace us with its beautiful music) formed. Seriously, though, how has it been that long?! It feels like just yesterday that the boys were crooning “What Makes You Beautiful” for the first time. And if you’re on Twitter, you’ve definitely noticed that the band’s official account has been tweeting nostalgic song lyrics all day long AND the band’s members have tweeted in celebration of the anniversary. Well… all except one!

Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson had fans tearing up with their tweets this morning, all celebrating the work the band did during its time together. But the band’s fourth and most-famous member — Harry Styles — has yet to join in on the love fest!

And leave it to Louis to throw a little shade:

As expected, fans have been dying of happiness.

Do you think Harry will join in on the celebration before the anniversary is up? We sure hope so! No word yet from former member Zayn Malik either, which we aren’t too surprised about, TBH, since left the band back in the day (which we’re still upset about).

Here’s to hoping Harry pulls through!

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