One Direction: Niall Horan on why he ‘DIDN’T write much music’ in former band

One Direction fans still aren’t quite over the band splitting up back in 2016. The quartet were arguably at the highest point of their careers at the time – just before they announced they were going to split. Since then, the likes of Niall Horan and Harry Styles – among others – have gone solo, dedicated to make their own music, and make their own mark on the music industry.

Horan has been quite vocal about his time going solo.

While he was shown off as one of the “quieter” members of the band, he has certainly expressed himself a lot since it came to an end.

In the past year Horan released his latest album Heartbreak Weather – to critical acclaim, and fan praise.

In a recent interview Horan spoke out about what has changed since his split from One Direction, and about his writing process.

Speaking to GQ Magazine, Horan confessed he “didn’t write as much as I would like to, because I was too lazy,” in One Direction.

Speaking out about writing new music as soon as he split from the band, he explained: “Over the course of Flicker, I became a better writer.

“Going on stage every night you get to see the looks on people’s faces, so I’m almost writing songs for a live show.”

The star then opened up about his latest album, Heartbreak Weather, which is a “concept” album.

It’s “like the storyline of a breakup,” he explained, before adding it follows the “storyline” of a relationship to its end.

“So I’ve got the really sad ones that are very ‘poor me’,” he went on. “Then there are what I like to call the egotistical ones.

“Because there are nights when you go through a breakup when you just want to go out with your friends and wreck the place.”

Pointing at one in particular, he illustrated: “The last song on the album has a chorus that says, ‘Take me back.’”

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Earlier in the interview Horan also spoke about how liberating it was becoming a solo artist, after working in the middle of a five-man team for so long.

On feeling empowered in his new solo status, he said: “Well, I’ve been doing it for ten years, so it’s about time I took the reins.

“And it’s been great. Even down to the creative elements, I’ve found with the upcoming album that I’ve become a lot more creative.

“Whether that’s writing my last video or designing the set for my tour.”

Horan spoke in-depth about how One Direction worked, claiming everything in the band “was going at once”.

“The whole process has been more stretched out,” he explained. “Whereas in the band, everything was going at once.”

While One Direction were collectively a tight-knit group, they were placed into a strict schedule, he revealed.

“Make an album, shoot a video, bang, bang, bang. And before you knew it it was all done,” he went on.

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