The Osmond Family Requests Prayers as Tom Fights for His Life After Quadruple Bypass Surgery

The Osmond family are banding together to shed light on their brother’s health crisis.

Donny Osmond is requesting thoughts and prayers three days after his “sweet brother” Tom Osmond, 70, underwent quadruple bypass surgery. The touching Instagram, posted Tuesday afternoon, reveals that the second-eldest Osmond brother is fighting for his life.

“As you may know, my brother Tom underwent quadruple bypass surgery on Saturday. He is on life support right now and fighting to hang on. It’s been an emotional and challenging few days for all of us, so I hope you’ll understand the radio silence from my end,” Donny captioned a childhood photo of the two.

“We don’t know what the future holds for Tom, but it’s in the Lord’s hands now,” Donny continued. “The whole Osmond family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers on behalf of my sweet brother.”

Marie Osmond also honored her brother with an Instagram post on Sunday, as Tom fought on life support.

“Tom is so full of life and love!” she wrote. “I’ve always seen his enthusiasm through his Christ-like [heart]. He just has a way of warming hearts with his big smile and tender hugs. He has such great love for all people, including strangers. His ♥️is so tender that at times, I swear, it even breaks when he sees others struggling. I love him for that! Maybe because he was born deaf and through some of the heartbreaking challenges of his life, they have given him great compassion and personal understanding to know how to comfort others!”

Tom, who like his eldest brother Virl is hearing impaired, performed occasionally with his siblings on the family’s 1970s and 1980s TV specials.

Tom now lives with his wife, Carolyn, 57, whom he wed in 1989. Together, the two have four children — two of whom Tom adopted from Carolyn’s previous relationship. Tom also fathered five children with his first wife, Lyn Heslop. He is now a proud grandfather.

Other Osmond relatives have been sharing well-wishes for Tom on social media.

“Our family is fervently praying for my Uncle Tom Osmond,” tweeted David Osmond, Alan Osmond’s son. “Also for his sweet wife and all my cousins. Love you Tom!!”

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