Paul McCartney documentary on life after Beatles break-up announced

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There have been many documentaries on the Fab Four over the years, with Peter Jackson’s critically acclaimed The Beatles: Get Back being one of the most recent. Now the latest has its spotlight on Sir Paul McCartney in the aftermath of the band’s breakup, establishing himself firmly as a solo artist with his own voice.

A press release says the new documentary film called Man On The Run, will be “the definitive document of Paul’s emergence from the dissolution of the world’s biggest band and his triumphant creation of a second decade of musical milestones — a brilliant and prolific stretch.”

Filmmaker Morgan Neville is helming the project and he couldn’t be more excited, having been a lifelong fan of McCartney.

He’s been known for his 2013 Oscar-winning documentary on backing singers, 20 Feet from Stardom and more recently directed a film on Anthony Bourdain called Roadrunner. 

Neville said: “As a lifelong obsessive of all things McCartney, I’ve always felt that the 1970s were the great under-examined part of his story. I’m thrilled to have the chance to explore and reappraise this crucial moment in a great artist’s life and work. I was too young to buy Beatles records when they came out, but I could buy Wings records, and I loved them. To me, the story of what happened to Paul McCartney in the wake of The Beatles when he had to rediscover himself is the story that has never been told. When Universal called me about this, it took me about three seconds to say I have to do this. It’s the kind of thing I think I’ve been training for since I was 10 years old.”

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