Peter Andre and Katie Price’s wildest sex confessions during whirlwind romance

Peter Andre and Katie Price were one of the golden couples of the noughties in Britain, from their I'm A Celeb love story to their "fairytale" themed wedding.

Though their marriage only lasted three and a half years, their relationship was lived out in the public eye, heightened by their Katie & Peter franchise on ITV2.

On shows like Jordan & Peter: Laid Bare and Marriage and Mayhem, the lovebirds shed a light on the private details of their romance in a documentary-style format.

While Katie, 42, and Peter, 48, announced their separation in May 2009, the stories behind their short-lived love affair have gone down in pop culture history.

Below, we take a look at the most surprising sex confessions from their relationship, from making love in a hammock to practising celibacy.

I'm A Celeb flirtation

Back in early 2004, the nation sat back and watched as a romance played out between model Jordan and Australian singer Peter Andre on their screens.

While Katie was in a relationship at the time, she found an instant connection with the Aussie crooner, with the pair getting to know each other by the campfire.

In her exit interview, Katie told Ant and Dec that "nothing" of a sexual nature played out between herself and Peter, aside from some flirting.

The lovebirds were seen sleeping side by side in their hammock, with Peter even giving Katie a back massage by the fire.

At one point in the series, Katie quizzed Peter about his behaviour in the bedroom, saying: "I bet you really fake it in bed. I bet you're really noisy.

"I bet he's noisy and creative."

Katie was eliminated from the show first, with Peter leaving the jungle two days later – and the rest is history.

'D*ckalicious' bombshell

After leaving I'm A Celeb, Katie and Peter were free to pursue a relationship away from the prying eyes of the camera crew.

In her 2007 autobiography, titled Jordan: A Whole New World, the former glamour model described their first intimate encounter together.

She wrote: "I burned for him, my whole body longed for his touch. I wanted to feel his hands caress me, I wanted to touch him, taste him, I wanted him inside me."

Katie went into great detail in the description, branding Peter's manhood as "d*ckalicious" in the explicit paragraph.

She said: "My eyes widened as he peeled off his boxers, revealing his huge c***.

"Less of an acorn, more of an oak. It was definitely 'd*ckalicious.'"

Toilet romp

Peter has also reminisced over an early sexual encounter with Katie, spilling the intimate details of their romance in his 2010 autobiography, All About Us – My Story.

The Mysterious Girl singer remembered a conversation he had with Katie in a loo, in which she laid out her feelings for him.

At the time, Peter was unsure whether he wanted a serious relationship, trying to adjust to life with Katie outside of the jungle.

Claiming Katie had been drunk while they had the conversation, Peter remembered her saying: "No, you can't let me go. I've never felt his way about anyone.

"Never, never, never. Look, I'll prove it to you… I'll never leave your side… every day… every night… do you want a little suck?"

The singer then admitted he couldn't resist Katie's charms, and apparently started to wonder "what it would be like to be inside her".

Katie and Peter got secretly engaged months later, before tying the knot in a glittering ceremony in Highclere Castle, Hampshire, in September of 2005.

Swinging sex

Hammocks appear to be a common theme in Peter and Katie's romance, beginning with their first tryst on I'm A Celeb.

Later in their marriage, The Sun reported Katie told More magazine about a subsequent hammock romp with her superstar hubby.

Katie recalled having sex in a hammock while on a sun-soaked holiday abroad, only for their lovemaking to be disturbed by fellow holidaymakers, according to the publication.

She apparently said: "When me and my bloke visited the Maldives, we did it in a hammock.

"It was great fun and really exciting, as we could hear people walking on the sand not too far away from us."

Before adding: "We thought we were well hidden in the bushes, but suddenly we heard a lot of people very close by. Scary, but good."

Worthwhile bonking

Less than one year before they announced their separation, Katie opened up about her private life with Peter in a November 2008 interview with Cosmopolitan.

The busy mum confessed they didn't have sex as frequently as they would like, before adding that, when they do get down to business, it's "worth it".

Musing over their love life, she explained: "He's a man and he will always want more sex than he gets.

"Pete might not get it often… but when he does it's worth it."

Katie added: "We're just like any other married couple with three kids."

Sex talk 'frustration'

Following their break-up, Peter spoke openly about his decision to remain celibate for a while, refraining from dating and taking some time for himself.

In a 2009 interview with New! magazine, the reality star admitted talking about sex could leave him frustrated.

He said: "I've been celibate before in my life. It clears the mind. I don't really want to talk about sex, to be honest. It'll make me frustrated!"

Peter continued: "I honestly haven't got time to think about sex. It's not that I don't think about it, but I don't dwell on it!"

The chart-topper, who went on to marry Dr Emily MacDonagh, added he plans to take his time before setting down for a second time.

He said: "It's a case of once bitten, twice shy. It'll take me a long, long time before I'm interested in anything like that. I just want to have fun."

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