Prince William’s ‘snub’ to Kate Middleton ‘not what it seems’ as hand pulls away

Prince William and Kate Middleton were seen together at the BAFTAs having a slightly awkward moment on-screen.

Fans quickly picked up on the fact it appeared William moved his hand out of reach as Kate went to grab it as he waved at members of the public.

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The "snub" soon became a talking point online, but Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and body language expert, has said it's "not what it seems".

Inbaal said the pair rarely hold hands with one another, adding that they keep their hands free for waving and shaking when they're on duty.

She explained there are occasions where they will be seen leaning towards one another, but often they're holding hands with their children or have their hands in front of their body in a neutral pose.

Inbaal noticed that Kate appeared to reach behind Will in order to "guide him or indicate him to come closer to her".

"She's not necessarily reaching for his hand – although her glamorous long black gloves make it difficult to ascertain exactly.

"At that exact moment, his hand shoots up to wave to a fan, but Catherine's movement appears unbroken, as she gestures to William to come closer, with a subtle, quick sweep of her hand.

"She beckons, and he responds to it by leaning towards her, and their smiling faces indicate that they likely share a joke. William then places his hand on his wife's bare shoulder, in a comforting gesture, showing her that he is there with her."

It was also noted that there was "no discord between them, neither looked annoyed".

Inbaal added: "They're in-step with each other as always, walking at the same pace, which tells us how close and attentive they are with each other."

She explained that their way of walking together also demonstrates the "trust they have in each other".

Kate and Will joined each other side by side at the event as Kate looked sensational in a floaty white gown with black gloves coming up to her chest.

The royals walked in together and waved at onlookers as they joined nominees for the BAFTA Film Awards 2023.

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