Queen star Adam Lambert to announce new music TODAY? Countdown sparks big excitement

The star’s huge fanbase is hopeful for new music news when the answers are revealed at 3pm, UK time (10am Eastern, 7am Pacific).

Last night a countdown clock was posted to his Instagram stories, alongside a tantalising “…” caption.

Lambert has also taken his Instagram page to ‘blackout’; removing the profile picture and filling the first three rows of his grid with plain black squares.

His profile picture has vanished from Twitter, too.

The social media blackout is occasionally used by artists ahead of an exciting new music announcement – something the Lambert fans are keenly hoping for.

“4 hours to go until @adamlambert #ERA4 music!!” posted one on Twitter.

“Everyone get ready for #AdamLambert he has new music coming and he gonna slay!” said another.

Someone else mused: “Ok!!……… I’m either completely stumped or is this a hint of Adam’s new album coming very very soon??! This all blackness is making me excited for Adam’s new music.”

Since shooting to fame in 2009, Lambert is thought to have sold upwards of 1.2 million albums and 4.2 million singles worldwide.

All three of his studio albums have hit the Top 3 in the US, with 2012’s Trespassing going all the way to No1.

In the UK, his last collection – 2015’s The Original High – was his best-performing yet; taking him into the Top 10 at No8.

Lambert teased his new era earlier this year with the release of new song Feel Something, believed to be the first taster – if not the first official single – from the record.


Earlier this month he participated in a documentary celebrating his time with Queen, whom he first met way back on American Idol ten years ago.

The Show Must Go On saw Roger Taylor defending him against those who compare him to Freddie Mercury – calling those comparisons “f**king unimaginative”.

With the group, he will perform a string of dates worldwide on The Rhapsody Tour; recently extended to take in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Lambert recently returned to Idol for their Queen-themed night, advising the Top 8 contestants.

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