Queen: The secret behind Freddie Mercury’s BIGGEST songs revealed by Adam Lambert

The singer recently released his latest single New Eyes, and will return to hit the road with Queen this summer and in early 2020.

In a new interview, he reflected on what gives Queen’s biggest hits their enduring power.

The singer argued that it comes down to the fact that Freddie Mercury’s iconic group were never afraid to try different things or buck trends.

“I think the power of the songs is that their timelines – they didn’t really follow any trends, they experimented with different sounds and musical styles – they were fearless,” he told Hunger.

“I’ve always enjoyed that side of things – they are proof it works.”

Lambert has, it seems, evolved as a musician as a result of performing with Brian May and Roger Taylor.

“Playing to huge audiences all around the world and seeing them sing along and understanding the power of music is transformative to a person,” he added.

“It’s uniting, everyone sings along – it’s bringing an entire arena together which in today’s world is pure magic.”

In the same interview, Lambert had explained why he has never – and likely will never – record new music with Queen.

“[On tour] we’re trying new visual components and trying to re-contextualise these songs, with new lights and scenery,” he said. “We had a great time creating it together.

“People always ask if we want to record together and I’m not sure it makes total sense because it wouldn’t really be Queen because to me Queen is Freddie.

“My favourite thing is collaborating and putting these concerts together and creating on stage – it’s super fulfilling and exciting.

“To present these ideas to these two gentlemen – especially when they like the idea!”

Currently there are no plans to bring the Rhapsody Tour to the UK, but Brian May indicated recently that this could well change.

Interest in the group has resurged once again after the phenomenal success of biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, which became a huge record breaker.

Starring Rami Malek as Mercury, it won four Oscars – more than any other film this year.

Its stand-in director, Dexter Fletcher, has this week released Rocketman; a “musical fantasy” about another music legend: Elton John.

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