Queen: Will Brian May and Roger Taylor record NEW music with Adam Lambert?

Lambert continues to be a hugely popular artist in his own right – and in fact he’ll be releasing a new single this week. But he has never entered the recording studio with his Queen friends Brian May and Roger Taylor, with whom he will soon be hitting the road again on the Rhapsody Tour. Could that ever change?

The evidence, sadly, points to no.

Lambert and Queen have very rarely address the question of them releasing new music, and May shed some light on the reason a couple of years ago.

He pointed to an album the group released with Paul Rodgers in 2008, called The Cosmos Rocks.

It charted at No5 in the UK, No47 in the US and was certified Silver by the BPI – but it’s safe to say its legacy is nothing compared to Queen’s work with Freddie Mercury.

Speaking in 2017 to Rolling Stone, May said: “A little bit of the reticence from Roger and I is because we spent a big part of our lives doing that with Paul Rodgers – on which there was some good material and we worked damn hard for months on end.

“He’s great, there’s no doubt about it, but nobody cared. It just disappeared.

“We sort of got the message, rightly or wrongly, that people just wanted to hear Queen with Freddie on record.”

He added: “The evidence is totally the opposite in regards to live – they love what we’re doing now, there’s no question, so we gravitated towards the live stuff.”

What’s more, May recently hinted that the band could stop touring as Queen altogether soon.

Speaking to Zoe Ball about the upcoming Rhapsody Tour and the possibility of it coming to the UK, he said: “I’m hoping we will – [there’s been] no announcement.

“One more before we pop off, is my theory.”

The jaunt kicks off in Canada on July 10 before taking in the USA, Japan, New Zealand and Australia; completing in late February 2020.

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