Rachael Bland's family and friends 'raise a glass' to the BBC presenter as they pay tribute at her funeral

Friends and family of BBC presenter Rachael Bland paid their respects to her at her funeral yesterday (September 21), and have been sharing their tributes with the hashtag #RaiseAGlassToRach.

The BBC Radio 5 live newsreader sadly passed away earlier this month, at the age of 40, from breast cancer.

Colleagues and friends, including BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker, shared their farewells to Rachael on Twitter, with Dan calling the day “beautiful and brutal”, while another said it was a “pitch perfect” service.

Rachael’s husband Steve also shared a message online following the funeral service, writing: “Finally having a lie down after a quite extraordinary, emotional day saying goodbye and celebrating the incredible life of my darling @Rachael_Hodges.

“Thank you so very much to everyone who came along and to everyone wherever you are, who did.”

As well as her work for the BBC, Rachael was also part of a podcast called You, Me and the Big C alongside two other hosts, who are carrying on the show in her stead.

Before she passed away, she revealed how she wants her son to remember her, writing: “If I were to release all my feelings about leaving my precious, beautiful Freddie behind, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the rest of my time on this earth.

“So I tuck them away, graciously accept every little hug, squeeze, cuddle and utterance of ‘I love you so much, mummy’ and try not to let him see it break my heart.”

She also said she was “planning and wrapping birthday presents” for Freddie, which he can open between the ages of 4 and 21.

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