Rapper Huey Mack Apologizes for His Past 'Immature' Dating Habits with New Song 'Blame Me'

Huey Mack is in his feelings.

The rapper (né Joseph Michael) has released a new single titled “Blame Me” off of his upcoming album A Romantic Comedy — and PEOPLE has an exclusive first listen.

Mack says the song serves as an apology letter to his past romantic partners. In one verse, he tells his ex, “I’m sorry, you can blame it all on me.”

“The song is about regret stemming from my own immature tendencies I’ve had in past relationships,” Mack tells PEOPLE.

The track also features Mack’s longtime friend and fellow rapper, Mod Sun.

“I’ve known Mod for about seven years. He was one of my first friends in music ever since he came out to a concert of mine in Minnesota,” he says. “He’s one of the most heartwarming dudes in the world.”

And while A Romantic Comedy marks the rapper’s first full album since 2015, Mack admits he’s had the song written for several years.

“I wrote the song about three years ago and when I was finishing up this album I knew it’d be the perfect fit,” he says. “I sent the song to Mod Sun and he sent me his verse back in about 45 minutes. He sent me a beautiful verse.”

Along with the song, Mack also released a teaser for the full album in the form of a movie trailer. Taking inspiration from classic romantic comedies including The Notebook, the trailer shows Mack as he tries to navigate a new relationship.

“Sometimes the one thing you’ve been looking for has been staring you in the face the entire time,” he says. “And when you finally find it, you have to hold on for as long as you can.”

Mack previously released the song “Do You Think of Me?” off the album.

“Blame Me” will be available for download on Friday. A Romantic Comedy is out Dec. 5 on Apple and Spotify.

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