Rapper Lil’ Pump Arrested After Gun Goes Off In His Home

Rapper Lil’ Pump was arrested for shooting a gun off in his own home the other day.

According to TMZ, on Wednesday night rapper Lil’ Pump was arrested after he discharged a weapon when he was home alone. The reason as to why the rapper shot off a gun his home is being questioned, as it is a little hazy.

Lil’ Pump’s manager told police officers three men attempted to get into the rapper’s San Fernando Valley home. They were playing with the front lock in order to gain entrance. One of the men allegedly fired a bullet through the front door.

However, once law enforcement arrived, there were no suspects in sight. Only the 17-year-old rapper was home, even his manager who is making statements was not around during the incident.

Police officers have shared they did find a bullet hole in the front door as described. After questioning the rapper, they discovered some serious issues with his intruder story. They also shared it was very clear Lil’ Pump had been smoking marijuana before police arrived on the scene.

One of the biggest issues with his story is the path of the bullet hole appears to indicate the shot was fired inside the house. After the police gained a search warrant a handgun was found in the bushes. Although the gun was not loaded, police later found bullets matching the gun inside the rapper’s home. The investigation further proved the intruder story had holes in it, so the cops arrested Lil’ Pump. They felt he actually fired the gun inside the house.

The “Gucci Gang” artist was released on Thursday with an ankle monitor to keep track of his every move. His mother is now under investigation as well. She was not home at the time, but because there was pot and a handgun found, she may be charged with endangering a minor.

Despite being arrested for firing a gun in his own home, Lil’ Pump and his camp are sticking with the intruder story. In fact, the rapper even believes he hit one of the suspects when he fired the gun. The story should be easy enough to prove true or false since surveillance cameras are all over his home.

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