Remembering Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, the renowned English theoretical physicist has died at the age of 76.

According to The Guardian, Hawking passed Tuesday morning at his home in Cambridge, English, in a statement released by his children Lucy, Robert, and Tim Hawking. “He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humor inspired people across the children” his children wrote. “He once said, ‘It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.’ We will miss him forever”, they continued.

Hawking made countless contributions to the study of the universe, including topics on our origins, the cosmos all the way to the nature of black holes. His career, which spanned nearly five decades, was known across the globe and his work will continue to thrive and be expanded on for time to come.

Hawking also suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS, the debilitating neurological disease that ultimately led to his paralysis, confining him to a wheelchair. Hawking refused to slow down, regardless of his ailment, and roamed the campus of the University of Cambridge in his electric wheelchair from one engagement to another.

Doctors estimated Hawking’s would live only until his late 20’s, and not only were they wrong, but Hawking beat their grim predictions of his lifespan and lived on with the condition for many decades.

Hawking was not only an incredibly intelligent man, but one with a witty sense of humor as well. His classic work, A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, published in 1988, has sold more than 10 million copies. Hawking joked about having sold more books on physics than Madonna has on sex.

It was in 1962 that Hawking first arrived at the University of Cambridge to work on cosmology, the study of the origins and evolution of the universe, it was at this time that he would transform the world of science. Hawking’s has undoubtedly become a household name with a fierce intellect and massive curiosity regarding the mysteries of our universe.

According to Hawking’s daughter Lucy, who said in an interview with BBC last year, that her father was able to capture the attention of everyone in the room, and we don’t doubt it! We owe much to Hawking for his ideas and work in the scientific field, and for that, we will greatly miss and be forever grateful of the work done by the incredible, Stephen Hawking.

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