Researchers Create Eco-Yacht To Collect Insane Amount Of Plastic From The Ocean

The mission to eliminate as much plastic from our oceans as possible has reached a new level with this new and innovative creation. A $52 million yacht, yes, yacht, was created in order to collect plastic from our oceans and recycle it has finally been revealed.

This yacht, now called the ‘Eco-Yacht’, has officially been unveiled this past week in Southampton, England. Plastic waste takes up mass amounts of space within our oceans ultimately affecting the ecosystem and wildlife. Causes have come to help this tragic issue, considering the danger it is putting hundreds of species, particularly sea turtles.

Companies including coffee brand, Starbucks, are banning plastic straws to limit the amounts found in the ocean, putting turtles at an extremely negative risk. It appears we are finally moving towards a cleaner plastic-free world, and this eco-yacht is only helping!

The yacht is designed to collect a staggering five tonnes of plastic pollution each day and will become the first ever vessel to power itself by recycling the waste it collects. This genius creation will not only clean our oceans but also will reuse and recycle the plastic it scoops up, all while transforming it into fuel to keep itself running.

In order for this to happen, the eco-yacht was designed to finely chop up the plastic and have it be processed through onboard machinery that will destroy it and turn it into fuel at little cost to the environment. This process has minimal effects on the atmosphere in regards to pollution and is tidying up our bodies of water faster and more efficiently than any other piece of machinery to date.

This eco-yacht was inspired by a documentary called “Blue Planet”, which aired on the BBC, narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough. Labeled as the “harvest of the seas”, this massive yacht was designed with exactly two booms on both sides measuring up to 70 meters. The booms scoop the plastic into a conveyor that allows the process of turning the plastic into fuel to commence.

According to DailyMail, the yacht will be able to power itself for months on end all while clearing up the waters. Richard Roberts, the project’s co-founder believes this is a huge step to reducing plastic in the ocean, and how the documentaries portrayal of waste is what led him to “do something practical” about the issue.

We are glad to see measures are being taken to reduce the amounts of plastic found in our oceans, allowing the waters to be a cleaner and safer environment for those who live there.

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