Rihanna's Strange Connection to the '2018 MTV Video Music Awards,' Even Though She Didn't Attend

Rihanna reveals what she was doing during the “2018 MTV Video Music Awards,” and it’s unexpected connection to Camilla Cabello.

Rihanna was among many notable a-list stars absent from this year’s "MTV Video Music Awards," but she definitely didn’t seem upset about it.

While Camilla Cabello was winning Best Video for "Havana," Rihanna was twirling and dancing through the streets of the Cuban city like she hadn’t a care in the world. The "Ocean’s 8" star posted video to her Instagram page of her taking Havana by storm.

She paired her impromptu dance session, adorned in a gold flowing dress, with Childish Gambino’s "Summertime Magic." Gambino was honored on the night with three wins, but also absent from the festivities on MTV. Perhaps he was dancing as well, only just off camera.


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Rihanna and Gambino’s alter ego, Donald Glover, are reportedly filming a movie together in Cuba with "Atlanta" directeor Hiro Murai, according to W Magazine. Entitled "Guava Island," the secret project could be a feature film, a segment for "Atlanta," a music video for Gambino or even a new release from Rihanna herself.

Whatever it is, it’s got Rihanna feeling that summertime magic. She quoted the lyrics to the song in her caption, writing, "do-ya-luh-me-too-?"

The musician and actress has been keeping busy over the summer, with secret projects and even returning to her hometown in Barbados to serve as bridesmaid in her childhood friend’s wedding over the weekend, as E! News reported. Rihanna is living her best life right now, and there just wasn’t room in it for the "VMAs" this year.

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