Rod Stewart Throws Serious Shade At Elton John’s Farewell Tour

Rod Stewart threw some serious shade at Elton’s John’s farewell tour, but was it all in good fun or is there a nasty feud brewing between the two men?

During his appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Stewart received a question from a fan regarding how he felt about John’s announcement he is retiring after his upcoming tour.

“I did email him and said, ‘What, again dear’? And I didn’t hear anything back. Talking about retirement, I’ve never spoken about retirement, and if I do retire, I won’t make an announcement. I’ll just fade away. I don’t think this big deal, ‘I’m going to retire’, it stinks of selling tickets…it’s dishonest. It’s not rock and roll,” shared Stewart during the interview, according to Billboard.

Well, there you have it! Rocker Rod Stewart has expressed his feelings on farewell tours, especially when it comes to Elton John. The “Candle In The Wind” singer announced in February he would be shutting down his piano after his final three-year good-bye tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road. He is expected to play over 300 dates. John has yet to comment on Stewart’s recent remarks about his retirement.

Although the two men are friends, Stewart and John have also had a five-decade-long feud. However, unlike other celebrity feuds, this one is in good humor and is all about one-upping the other one. Over the years, the men have poked fun at each other, especially when it comes to album sales and who is more successful. They are frenemies, to say the least.

Stewart’s recent remarks are not solely aimed at his frenemy. His comments ring true for any musician embarking on a farewell tour. Even though the question was derived from a fan asking his thoughts on Elton John,’s tour, his message was loud and clear for any musician looking to say goodbye to the music world in the same way.

It is nice to see some things never changed including the frenemy feud between rocker Rod Stewart and Elton John. They can definitely agree to disagree when it comes to retirement tours.

What do you think about Stewarts latest comments about John’s choice regarding how he is saying goodbye to the music world and his fans?

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