Royals have ‘NYC base’ that Meghan and Harry ‘can no longer use’, Lady C claims

A royal commentator has claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer able to stay at the Royal Family’s favoured residence in New York City, US.

During their recent visit to the Big Apple for the Global Citizen Live event, Harry and Meghan stayed at the Carlyle Hotel.

This was reportedly the residence of choice for Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, but now a royal commentator has claimed that the couple may have been forced to stay there after being unable to use the residence usually used by members of the Royal Family.

Lady Colin Campbell, known as Lady C, explained on her YouTube channel: “The Royal Family can use the Consul General’s living quarters in New York.

“The Consul General can host the Royal Family, and the Consul Generals often do.

“They do not host the Royal Family when it is an unofficial visit – actually, sometimes they do in fact, if they are in favour."

Shaking her head, Lady C, however, suggested that the Sussexes had not been offered this opportunity, claiming: “Harry and Meghan? No. They’ve stepped down as working members of the Royal Family.

Lady C clarified that the fact the Sussexes continue to be listed on the Royal Family website, “doesn’t mean that they are working members of the Royal Family or acknowledged to be such, or that they represent the Queen".

“They do not represent the monarchy in any shape or form."

Since stepping back from royal duties last year, there have reportedly been frictions between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the royals.

This reached a melting point when the Sussexes appeared in an interview with US host Oprah Winfrey, where a number of allegations were made about the pairs' perceived mistreatment by members of ‘The Firm’.

And, although the couple no longer officially represent the monarchy, some commentators have claimed that their trip was the US first step to establishing a “rival Royal Family” across the pond.

This comes as speculation is rising around when Meghan and Harry might return to the UK, the couple having not made the trip together since Meghan gave birth to their daughter Lilibet in June.

One expert has even claimed that Meghan may “never return” to Britain after the pair’s popularity has shrunk.

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