Rumor: Justin Bieber To Make Faith-Based Album

Rumors suggest that Justin Bieber could release a faith-based album.

It is time for Justin Bieber to get a break. Yes, he had wild years as a teenager due to his global fame and all the temptations that came from this experience. He acted out on many occasions and this ultimately got him into trouble with law enforcement authorities.

That was then. This is now. Justin Bieber has an amazingly good relationship with his mom and his grandmother. It is obvious in so many of the photos that he adores both of them. While Bieber got terrific career advice from Scooter Braun, he was still lacking a father figure in his life.

Hollywood Life reports that the rumor is that Bieber wants to record an album of faith-based music. This may have come about because Bieber developed a “bromance” with Pastor Carl Lentz of the Hillsong Church Bieber obviously likes the preacher because he is a very positive influence on his life and serves as a surrogate father that Justin desperately needed.

Of course, there is genuine affection between these two men. That is a nice thing. That is a very natural and wonderful thing. The fact that Justin found a surrogate father, whom he feels comfortable with, is a very positive thing.

Ok, we know if Bieber makes a faith-based album, it may not be his biggest pop-album seller. Nevertheless, if Bieber wants to sing from his soul’s interest he should go ahead and do this. Everyone needs to take a “chill pill” and sit back a bit to see that human beings are complex and wonderfully-varied living things. They can be bad and they can be good. They can be stupid and they can be wise. Hopefully, they go forward in a way that shows improvement. Everyone deserves a second chance and then some.

If Bieber makes a faith-based album, collaborating with gospel legend Kirk Franklin, with a huge gospel choir backing them up, we would say “Hallelujah!”

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