Seventeen Embrace a Beatific Vibe as They Tease First English-Language Single 'Darl+ing'

K-pop stars Seventeen have released a teaser for their first English-language single, “Darl+ing, which is set to arrive next week, April 15. 

The preview includes a short video clip with what’s ostensibly a snippet of the new song — a cinematic build-up with soaring big piano chords and some pounding electro-pop percussion. The music plays as the camera pans over a bright yellow moodboard packed with smiley faces, photographs, a prominent picture of a sunflower, and more. 

Along with being their first English-language single, “Darl+ing” will mark Seventeen’s first proper release of 2022. The track arrives as the group prepares to release their new full-length studio album, which doesn’t have a title or official release date yet, but will drop in May.

While Seventeen’s new album will mark their first LP since 2019’s An Ode, they’ve stayed very busy in the intervening years with an impressive run of mini-albums. In 2020, they released Heng:garæ, Semicolon, and a Japanese project 24H, while last year saw the arrival of Your Choice and Attacca. 

Last fall, Seventeen’s Woozi, Vernon, and Joshua sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the making of their Attacca single, “Rock With You.” The trio said one of the most difficult parts of recording the song was finding the right key for the track, and then coming up with the best possible vocal arrangement. 

“Seventeen has created and sang countless songs up until now, but out of all of them, we had to execute the highest range this time,” Woozi said. “A whole bunch of our members had to sing in falsetto at full strength.”

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