Simon Cowell reveals he won't have any more children after son Eric

Simon Cowell has revealed that he doesn’t plan to have any more children after his son Eric.

The X Factor judge’s child was born back in 2014, and while Eric has delighted TV audiences over the years, the star has admitted he doesn’t want any more children.

“I don’t think I will have more kids,” Simon told The Mirror. “I’m 58 and Eric is amazing.

“I was talking to Cheryl about this,” he added, “it’s destiny, you look at the kids and why would you want to change anything else?”

Simon further explained: “I spoke to Eric a week ago on the ­anniversary of my mum dying, and he knew without me saying anything. My life now, I see it through his eyes and the funny thing is it is so uncomplicated.”

Meanwhile, the music mogul recently claimed that he isn’t grumpy in real life, despite his ‘Mr Nasty’ media image.

“I was not grumpy the whole time,” he said of his experience on American Idol. “They just decided, the producers, it would be funnier to make me look miserable and it was sort of an accident.”

Simon also revealed that he wasn’t even paid for his first year of TV, adding: “I just couldn’t bear it at the end. It wasn’t fun. Sometimes with success, it becomes a happy place, sometimes success becomes the opposite.

“I always promised myself that once I got that Sunday evening feeling or the Monday morning feeling of, ‘God, I’ve got to go to work today’, it was time to stop – and I got that.”

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