Songs Written By Bebe Rexha, Music Created by Pop Star

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Bebe Rexha‘s fast rise to fame is really no surprise when you think about how talented she actually is. While she dropped her first album, Expectations, in June, she actually was all over the radio for years prior. In fact, you probably were boppin’ to some of her tunes without even knowing she was behind ’em!

What do we mean? Well, like many other artists, including Kesha and Sia, the 28-year-old got her start writing hit songs for other popular artists that we’re still totally obsessed with today. It took her a while of working super hard, but she finally was able to break free from her behind-the-scenes role and take on superstardom as the main act — GOALS! Which famous tunes were originally written by Bebe? Here are 7 that will leave you completely in awe of her talent!

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