Stefano Gabbana Calls Selena Gomez ‘So Ugly’ & Fans Are Very Angry

Selena Gomez fans are slamming designer Stefano Gabbana after he called the singer “so ugly.”

Last week, the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house co-founder said some harsh words about the former Disney star. After the Instagram account @TheCatWalkItalia posted a collage of the singer, the 55-year-old designer commented on the post expressing his not so nice thoughts.

“É proprio brutta!!!,” he wrote. The translation is, “She’s so ugly”

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Her fans did not appreciate his hateful words and jumped to defend Gomez. The comments section of the post soon became flooded with responses to Gabbana’s mean words.

“@stefanogabbana we do not care about your opinion she is beautiful and humble something that you will never have” commented sofi_rojasss.

“@stefanogabbana stick to fashion since you obviously can’t judge beauty. Rude” replied ttaylorswiift1_3.

“Calling other people ‘ugly’ doesn’t make you prettier. @stefanogabbana” wrote rebedlgg.

“@senela_gomez is so beautiful but I guess some people are too dumb to understand that” shared ayushi_kheria.

@selenagomez you’re beautiful ❤ you’re my idol. Some people just don’t have anything better to do. (even tho I’m 14)” said julie.saleh.

Along with her faithful fans standing up for Gomez, one of her colleagues on 13 Reasons Why also showed his support for her. She is an executive producer on the hit Netflix show.

“@stefanobabbana you’re tired and over. your homophobic, misogynistic, body-shaming existence will not thrive in 2018. it is no longer tolerable or chic. please take many seats,” commented actor Tommy Dorfman who plays Ryan Shaver on the show.

Although social media was in an uproar over Gabbana’s nasty comments about Selena Gomez, she has yet to address it. Her fans came out in droves to stand up for her but she has kept quiet. To be frank, why does she even need to address such hateful mean comments? Anything she would say in response would somehow be taken out of context and bring more attention to a mean-spirited person.

In fact, in the comments section, one user wrote how all the attention surrounding Gabbana’s negative remark was still generating publicity for him. Bad publicity is better than no publicity is the saying but based on the comments, Dolce & Gabbana has lost a few customers over the designers mean remarks.

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