'Terrible': Eurovision historian criticises Jessica Mauboy

'Terrible', 'dreadful' and nothing remotely like an Australian version of Beyonce.

These are just some of the harsh words a British historian has used to describe Jessica Mauboy's Eurovision performance over the weekend.

Jessica Mauboy during the Eurovision semi-finals.

O'Connor hasn't been the only person to criticise Mauboy, with German newspaper Der Spiegel suggesting last week that her dress made her look like a dumpling.

While Mauboy may not have won over Europe, our commentary team can count at least one powerful fan.

JK Rowling took a liking to some choice words from SBS commentator Joel Creasey. The comedian described the man who interrupted the UK's grand final performance as a "cockhead".

"I don't want to hear another word about Australia being in Eurovision ever again," Rowling later tweeted. "Order of Merlin, first class."

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