The VMAs' Most OMG Makeouts

It’s almost like watching your parents kiss (please, not in front of the kids!). But the awkwardly staged lip lock between a then-married Jackson and Presley at the 1994 show had viewers squirming on their sofas. “Just think, nobody thought this would last,” Jackson said before he went in for the smooch. Well, it didn’t: the couple divorced two years later.

The VMAs are all about freedom of fashion, but Anderson really took that to heart in 2001 with her racy, Kiss of the Spider Woman-esque getup. Naturally, then-husband Kid Rock couldn’t keep his hands off, and the couple continued their P.D.A. fest for all to see. “Make love, not war” should have been the recurring theme in 2007, when Rock got into a brawl with Anderson’s other ex-husband, Tommy Lee, during a VMA performance. Apparently, the men refused to kiss and make up.

This one’s more awww than OMG. Husband and wife in 2006, Lopez and Anthony made it seem like their love was en fuego as they shared a soulful embrace on the red carpet – a move dramatized even more by J. Lo’s shimmery turban and her firm grasp of her hubby’s head.

It’s inevitable. Put three provocative pop divas on stage together, and things are going to get a little crazy. Spears and Aguilera (dressed in “Like a Virgin”-inspired looks) took a page from the Madonna playbook in 2003, when the three engaged in an edgy triple kiss on camera during a mash-up of “Hollywood.” (Looking back more than 10 years later, a few body rolls and pecks on the lips really aren’t so racy – there’s not even any twerking!)

Why stop at one kiss when you can have two … three … four … five? Perry fulfilled a “Teenage Dream” when she presented Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates with the 2012 award for best pop video. The guys certainly didn’t miss their chance to get up close and personal with the starlet, and Perry didn’t shy away, going in for a full-on smooch with Styles.

The year 2005 was a simpler time for Lohan and Simpson. Both girls were reportedly vying for the affection of Lohan’s ex Wilmer Valderrama, and both were nominees for best pop video (so 2005!). Neither one won (hello, Kelly Clarkson!), but the blondes kissed and made up backstage – at least, they did for the cameras.

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