Tierra Whack Slices Up Living Potatoes in Whimsically Horrifying Music Video

Philadelphia rapper Tierra Whack first introduced us to her surrealist style and pocket-sized jams with last year’s visual album, Whack World, consisting solely of minute-long songs and videos. This year, she’s released a string of individual tracks, and her latest, “Unemployed,” comes with its own clip.

At nearly three minutes long, “Unemployed” is a Russian novel compared to the Whack World songs, and the video takes the viewer on a truly mind-boggling, spud-filled journey with enough puppetry and body horror to make John Carpenter proud. Without giving too much away, the basic premise is that Tierra Whack is a chef chopping potatoes in a kitchen, and the potatoes are alive. That’s it. And it only escalates from there. It’s as whimsical as it is horrifying.

You can listen to Whack’s other latest singles here: “Only Child,” “CLONES,” “Gloria,” and “Wasteland.”

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