Tiger King star Joe Exotic ‘forced to wear same prison clothes for seven months’

Tiger King star Joe Exotic was not so Exotic smelling – as he wore the same clothes for seven months in prison.

One of his closest friends and key player in his legal team detailed Exotic’s fury at being left without a replacement uniform or shoes since he was incarcerated at FMC Fort Worth Prison.

However, the Netflix star was treated to new clobber after Eric Love, part of his legal team, issued a grievance against authorities, detailing many issues including a fear he would not survive behind bars.

Love revealed his friend, who is serving 22 years for plotting to kill zoo rival Carole Baskin, had his first change of clothes and also his first infusion for his CVID immune issues in over four months – even though he "ideally needs them every 30 days".

The Texas Bureau Of Prison launched an investigation into Exotic’s care at the facility, after Love claimed he feared for his life.

Love said: "Things have changed already. Joe has had his first change of uniform and shoes since he arrived there in March.

"He got them almost immediately after the grievance and is glad to finally have clean clothing after seven months.

"A week after the grievance was filed and the story came out, Joe received his infusion on November 17.

"His last infusion was 120 days before that and he needs them each month."

He added: "An internal investigation has been launched. I have not been formally advised this is the case, but I have a leaky ear who informed me that it is in progress.

“I‘ve been pushing for this investigation for a long time.

"So Joe is doing better, he is a little more optimistic now and feels we are making strides with his situation."

Love has also accused attorneys at the Bureau of Prisons and FMC of not keeping him updated about the result of his grievance letter.

Another source confirmed that Exotic was getting better treatment, but was seen by some staff as a troublemaker.

He said: "I had an inmate call me today that was released this last week and he gave me some insight.

"Of course I always record my phone calls, so I have good evidence of who I talk to, exactly what they said, and he said they withhold everything from Joe.

"They don’t like him. He is a problem, because he brings baggage of mail and notoriety.

"But I know that there are Tiger King fans there too, who support Team Tiger. Some guards have given me a thumbs up and a wink when I go in to file paperwork."

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