Vanessa Feltz’s life – Horror surgery, 4 stone weight lose and rampant sex life

Vanessa Feltz is turning another year older and wiser as she marks her 60th birthday today (February 21).

The reality TV star who appeared on Big Brother in 2001, has experienced many public ups and downs in her showbiz career.

In spite of relationship breakdowns, failed yo-yo diets and horrific surgery that didn't go to plan Vanessa has always been open and frank when it comes to her personal matters.

To celebrate the This Morning star's candid attitude and her special day, Daily Star is exploring Vanessa Feltz's life – from her long-term engagement with her partner Ben Ofoedu to her surgery that went wrong.

Marriage to Michael Kurer

Vanessa was first married to surgeon Michael Kurer for 17 years, with the couple parting way in 2000 over infidelity claims.

Michael and the TV star share two daughters Allegra and Saskia and are now grandparents of three.

In 1999, Michael's affair was brought to light by a journalist which led to Michael leaving the marital home to be with the other woman.

Speaking on This Morning in October 2020, Vanessa opened up about her ex husband's alleged cheating scandal

She said: "My husband had left and I had no idea why. I just didn’t understand what was going on at all and then I had a call from a journalist and the message was left on the answerphone.

"I walked into the kitchen with my two little girls, played the answerphone message and the message was, 'We are aware that your husband is having an affair, please call me back'."

Fiancé Ben Ofoedu

Soon after Vanessa's divorce, she entered the Big Brother house in 2001 and became good pals with Boyzone star Keith Duffy.

It was the Irish boy band member who introduced her to her next lover Phats & Small vocalist Ben Ofoedu – who is 11 years her junior.

In 2006, the couple were engaged with wedding plans to marry the following year and then again in 2011 but to this day the pair have still not yet said "I do".

Having been engaged for over 15 years, Vanessa has explained in the past that she is in no hurry to tie the knot.

Speaking on This Morning, she said: "All I know is that we have been together for nearly 15 years, and we have been to so many weddings in that time, and so many of them are already divorced.

"And I just think, 'Do we really need it, do we really want it?'. But I would never say never."

Horror surgery

The BBC2 radio star has alway been vocal about going under the knife in 2010.

Vanessa had tried many fad diets but was always disappointed with the results and instead opted to have a gastric band fitted.

The procedure didn't go to plan and the TV personality was left suffering reflux symptoms after learning that the gastric band had slipped.

After seeking medical advise, surgeons opted to remove Vanessa's gastric band and she was encouraged to undergo bypass surgery instead – which she did.

It was touch and go for the reality star as she spent some time in intensive care during the process.

The bypass and removal were eventually successful and Vanessa has gone on to lose a whopping three stone.

Four stone weight loss

Following the success of gastric bypass surgery, Vanessa decided it was time to overhaul her lifestyle in a bid to shed more weight.

She embarked on a "wellness journey" and kinky bedroom antics during the lockdown period that saw her shed another stone in weight.

Bringing her overall weight loss to a massive four stone since her surgical procedure in 2010.

Vanessa has managed to stay trim and keep the weight off but admitted she often feel bashful when people compliment her on the subject.

In an Interview with OK! Magazine she said: "I feel a bit embarrassed when people congratulate me on the weight loss because I had surgery to get me here.

"It's the surgeons who should be congratulated! I’m hopeful that this is the end of my battle with weight, because it’s something I’ve struggled with.

"I’ve always been the same, I can lose weight but the moment I revert back to being my normal self I put it all back on."

Wild sex life confessions

When it comes to speaking about getting frisky between the sheets, Vanessa certainly doesn't shy away from sharing intimate details about her love life.

In a previous interview with The Sun Vanessa said: "As long as I've got a spring in my step and a bit of 'oomph', I'm still in the market for a bit of spectacular athletic sex – much more than the missionary position."

She then commented: "This idea that at some point you totally go off the sexual boil, well it certainly hasn't happened to me yet."

During the lockdown period, talk turned to the radio host's weight after she'd seemingly lost further pounds and looked great.

During a chat on, This Morning Vanessa, 59, revealed she'd been spicing things up in the bedroom with Ben, 49, explaining they do it "whenever and wherever we want" which led to significant weight loss.

She explained: "I was peeling the vegetables for dinner one day, and ended up leaving a trail of celery and leeks for him, leading to me, spread-eagled."

Continuing the same discussion with Closer magazine, Vanessa added: "We have no kids in the house now, so we can do it whenever and wherever we want, and we do.

"I think it's important to keep a sexual climate going. You can inject a bit of naughtiness into the most ordinary of things."

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