When Did Jennifer Lopez Know Alex Rodriguez Was the One?

The news of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s long-awaited engagement had the world cheering — and about a month later, it is still all anyone wants to talk about. Of course, they aren’t letting that get in the way of the usual hustle they’ve always got going on. Lopez just began shooting a new movie called Hustlers, while Rodriguez has been mostly focusing on his new YouTube channel and other business ventures.

The couple was dating for a little more than two years when they finally got engaged and it seemed only a matter of time. Fans knew they were meant to be, because of the incredible way Lopez and Rodriguez support one another in both their personal and professional lives. But when did Lopez know that Rodriguez was the one? Here’s what we know.

When did Jennifer Lopez know A-Rod was the one?

Lopez says that, in the beginning, she was very wary of Rodriguez because everything just seemed to be too perfect, too soon. It was about a year into the relationship when she figured out that she wanted to one day marry him and that he wasn’t just playing around to win her heart over. Rodriguez really was the number one boyfriend he came off as — and one day soon he’ll be the number one husband that Lopez deserves!

Why are J-Lo and A-Rod so perfect together?

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You only have to look at the celebrity couple to know that they make each other so incredibly happy. But what makes them so perfect for each other? It all boils down to support. They support one another in everything they do, whether it’s dieting for an upcoming movie role or getting their makeup done for their new YouTube channel. They are always there to lift each other up, instead of senselessly tearing each other down.

Lopez says there is something else that has a lot to do with how well her and Rodriguez get along. See, Lopez has been married three times before and Rodriguez was married once before. During those relationships, Lopez says that they had to do a lot of growing and learning to get to be the people they are today.

Last year, Lopez spoke to Good Morning America about this very topic. During her interview, the singer stated that she has “made plenty of mistakes in my past and … we’re mature now. We’re grown ups and we’re going to take our time… And our life right now is incredibly wonderful. Between our kids and our work we’re truly blessed…”

What do we know about their upcoming wedding?

Since learning of the big engagement, fans have been wondering what the Lopez-Rodriguez wedding might look like. While there hasn’t been any confirmation as of yet, there are a few speculations that are believable enough to become fact. For example, many believe that the wedding may be more public than many other celebrity weddings, thanks to Rodriguez’s new YouTube channel that centers around his life with Lopez.

Many fans are also speculating that the couple will get married in a tropical destination wedding. Both are well-known for loving tropical destinations, and the now-infamous proposal even took place in the Bahamas.

We also know that the couple’s children will likely be a big part of the ceremony. Lopez has twins from her marriage with Marc Anthony, while Rodriguez has two daughters from his first marriage. The children have been a central part of the relationship from the beginning, so it only makes sense they’d be involved in the wedding, too.

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