Where Can You Listen To Beyoncé's New Album?

It’s only been out for a few hours, but we know that you’ve already watched Beyoncé’s epic Netflix film, Homecoming at least twice. The official description from Netflix reads, “Homecoming presents an intimate look at Beyoncé’s historic 2018 Coachella performance that paid homage to America’s historically black colleges and universities. Interspersed with candid footage and interviews detailing the preparation and powerful intent behind her vision, Homecoming traces the emotional road from creative concept to cultural movement.”

The film obviously lived up to its hype, but Beyoncé loves us –so she decided to give us a live album as well. Here’s everything we know about Homecoming: The Live Album.

Where can you listen to Beyoncé’s new album?

Hello! Are you awake?! Beyoncé’ just dropped a surprise album on us along with the debut of her Netflix film, Homecoming. The album, which is entitled Homecoming: The Live Album, is the album version of her Coachella set.

The album has 40 tracks that cover both weekends of her extensive and historic Coachella performance. There is also a special version of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” sung by the iconic and legendary–Blue Ivy Carter. Homecoming: The Live Album is available to stream on most major streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music.

What did Beyoncé say about her historic Coachella performance?

When asked about her legendary perfomance at Coachella –as the first Black woman to headline the festival Beyoncé said,

It was one of the hardest jobs I have taken on but I knew that I had to push myself and my team to go beyond great to legendary. We knew nothing like this was ever done on a festival level before and it needed to be iconic beyond compare. The performance was an homage to an important part of African American culture. It had to be true to those who know and entertaining and enlightening to those who needed to learn. In making the film and re-telling the story, the purpose remained the same.

Why did Beyoncé decide to make Homecoming for Netflix?

When it came to recording her experience preparing for Coachella and creating a movie about the experience, the Everything Is Love singer was very deliberate. In Homecoming she says,

It’s hard to believe that after all these years I was the first African-American woman to headline Coachella. It was important to me that everyone that had never seen themselves represented felt like they were on that stage with us. As a black woman, I used to feel like the world wanted me to stay in my little box, and black women often feel underestimated. I wanted us to be proud of not only the show but the process, proud of the struggle, thankful for the beauty that comes with a painful history and rejoice in the pain, rejoice in the imperfections and the wrongs that are so damn right.

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