Where to next for Irish X Factor semi-finalist Brendan Murray?

While he didn’t make it to the final himself, seeing his mentor Louis Tomlinson’s act Dalton Harris crowned winner of this year’s X Factor was a result Brendan Murray was happy with.

The Galway singer missed out on a final spot after being voted out at the semi-final stage of the competition, but said Dalton was a deserving winner.

“I was rooting for everyone. I have always been a fan of his though, the win was well deserved,” he told the Herald.

He was delighted for mentor and former One Direction star Louis for winning the title in his first year on the judging panel.

“Louis has been fantastic so it’s great for him. We had a good night last night,” said Brendan (22).

He was getting ready to head home to Galway yesterday after the weekend’s shows in Wembley and said he will calculate his next move carefully.

“I’ve had a few things thrown at me but I want to make the right decisions,” he said.

“I suppose I was a bit naive before, going into stuff at the time, and I want to make the right decisions now.

“I’ve done things at a young age and you don’t always know what to do with that.

“A lot of people might have taken it for granted but I can thank my parents for keeping me grounded. They got me to do the apprenticeship in plumbing.”

He said he had Louis Walsh to thank for opening the doors to the entertainment world for him – a world he wants to remain a part of now.

“I am grateful for all the opportunities I had and for Louis Walsh, who gave me my first opportunity when I was 16,” he said.

“Without him I wouldn’t have had the experience.

“I’d like to be singing but I want to be versatile – no one knows where this will lead to. It will be interesting.

“I think what you do afterwards is what you do afterwards. That is most important.”

He plans to stay in touch with former One Direction star Louis and also has his fingers crossed Nile Rodgers’ offer to record with him still stands.

“There’s no better man to go to for advice than Louis. He has done everything. The two of us will stay in touch,” said Brendan. “And hopefully, there was that Nile Rodgers comment. He wanted to record me.

“I am not going to presume that still stands but if he wants to do it I’ll be up for that.”

The Tuam star said he was still very much in touch with his former bandmates in Hometown too, saying he never saw a time they wouldn’t be pals.

“It would be hard not to be in touch we’ve been together so long now,” he added.

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