Woody Allen’s Next Film May Not Be Release Following Allegations

Following some serious allegations, Woody Allen’s upcoming movie might not release.

When Woody Allen came out in contradiction to the allegations against Harvey Weinstein saying that this would be wrong to turn into a “witch hunt,’ he was prophesying his own doom. He knows very clearly about his own personal guilt regarding matters of sexual misconduct.

There are allegations and then there are serious allegations. The most serious allegations involve sexual predatory behavior against minors as he is accused by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow who claims he assaulted her when she was only seven years old.

Paste reports that this controversy has tainted the new Allen film entitled A Rainy Day in New York so badly that no theatrical distributor will release the film. It may be picked up by Amazon for streaming; however, even that prospect is very tentative.

Audiences used to love the self-defacing Allen with his theatrical explorations of his quirkiness, anxiety, and personal issues. Now, audiences are disgusted with the revelation that this guy that we used to feel sorry for, actually might be a predator.

Charges against Allen for sexual misconduct are not new. In 2014, in a New York Times editorial, the charges against Allen were made very explicit. It is also of interest that when Allen divorced Mia Farrow, he married their adopted daughter some thirty plus years younger than he was. There are lots of reasons to suspect Allen is not a nice guy in these sexual proclivities because of what he has done.

The #MeToo movement has garnered massive attention to the misconduct of men in positions of power over others. Some of the allegations may be false, so it is always best to reserve judgment and not jump to conclusions. However, the allegations against Allen seem to be very real and the testimony in public by Dylan Farrow should be taken very seriously. She gains nothing from her exposure of Allen’s misconduct except to finally have the satisfaction that she can tell her story and people will listen to what she has to say.

The reaction by stars has been to move so far away from Allen that many have publicly stated they will never work with the director again. The reaction by the film industry is just as serious. Nobody wants to have anything to do with a Woody Allen film anymore.

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