XXXTentacion’s Music Downloads Soar In Wake Of His Passing

In the wake of XXXTentacion’s death, his song downloads have been going off the charts.

XXXTentacion’s albums, ? and 17, are at the number one and two spots on Amazon Movers and Shakers Digital Music. According to TMZ, his music is doing well in other categories such as vinyl and CD too. It’s an astonishing event, but clearly, people care about his music.

It’s also clear that he was popular. Most of the time people would never buy a CD since we’re in the age of Spotify and other streaming platforms. Even Vinyl is something that is surprising a lot of people. It really shows how dedicated his fans were to his music, they truly liked what they heard and now that they cannot get it, they want to have some form of it physically.

Spotify actually removed XXXTentacion’s music back when he was hit with some legal trouble stemming from spousal abuse, but since his death, the company has put his music back on the platform. In fact, they are showing their support by having a “RIP XXXTentacion” banner. They even showed his music at the top of their browse option.

It is clear that people are buying his music to not only become fans and try and show this as their way of remembering him, but also because, unless he has a stache of unreleased tracked, we won’t hear any new content from the young star.

Fans want to remember him because he was a decent rapper that spent his time creating content, so people could listen to it all. They enjoyed his content and feel that the least they could do is support him one last time by purchasing his stuff.

Other people who may not have been fans could be trying to show their support by buying his albums and listening to his music. This is similar to what happened after Michael Jackson passed away. Some people who would have never listened to his music instantly started doing so.

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