The 1 Scary Thing the White House and Mar-a-Lago Have in Common (and How It Affects Donald Trump)

The White House and President Donald Trump’s luxury Palm Beach retreat, Mar-a-Lago, have something in common — and it’s not a good thing.

Trump may officially live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but he spends a good amount of time sunning himself at an exclusive golf club in Florida, which he also happens to own. His so-called “Winter White House” is the host venue for presidential business meetings, which many critics say is a huge breach of protocol.

Still, if the current problems continue, Trump will have to abandon both the White House in Washington and the resort in Palm Beach for a condo in Cleveland (basically). Ahead, find out what the huge, scary problem is for both residences (page 3).

The White House has tons of history

White House | jtomason/iStock/Getty Images

The White House was constructed sometime between 1792 and 1800 and has housed every president since, minus the time it burned to the ground and had to be rebuilt in 1814. But a house that old is bound to have issues, no matter how diligently the maintenance crew tends to problems around the home.

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Trump isn’t the only president who splits his time between residences

Mar-a-Lago | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Even though presidents are given an expansive budget to remodel the private living quarters in the White House, many still prefer to split their time between the 55,000 square foot, 142 room residence and someplace else. John F. Kennedy escaped to Rhode Island. Reagan loved Santa Barbara. Franklin Roosevelt had a resort in Warm Springs, Georgia.

And Trump, of course, hops on a plane to Mar-a-Lago all the time.

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A sinkhole was found on the White House lawn

Tweet about the White House sinkhole | Steve Herman ‏via Twitter

In late May, a sinkhole appeared on the White House lawn. Initial reports indicate that the sinkhole could have formed because of an old water line that rusted and started leaking.

The sinkhole started growing little by little until White House employees covered it up.

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Amazingly, a sinkhole was also discovered at Mar-a-Lago

Mar-a-Lago | Wangkun Jia/iStock/Getty Images

Here’s the weirdest part: the same week in May, a sinkhole was discovered at Donald Trump’s other home, Mar-a-Lago. Town officials posted the following advisory on May 21:

“A 4′ x 4′ sinkhole has formed on Southern Boulevard directly in front of Mar-a-Lago,” the traffic alert read. “It appears to be in the vicinity of the newly installed water main. West Palm Beach Utilities distribution crews have secured the area and will most likely need to do some exploratory excavation today.”

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Sinkholes are fairly common

Sinkhole | Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Sinkholes can be found all over the world and often happen naturally. They form when the ground is composed of easily dissolved rock that can’t withstand increased water pressure or heavy rains.

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The results can be devastating

The effects of a sinkhole | Jiji Press/AFP/Getty Images

Sinkholes are especially common in Florida since the entire state is built on limestone. Over time, rain causes sinkholes to form, which can cause extensive property damage if they’re not dealt with properly.

Giant sinkholes have caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage. These gigantic holes have swallowed whole buildings, streets, towns, people, and priceless vintage Corvettes.

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Internet critics took the opportunity to make jokes

A quip about the White House sinkhole | Peter Stevenson ‏via Twitter

Thanks to the weird sinkhole coincidence, critics of Trump took to social media to make jokes about the phenomenon. They made quips about “draining the swamp,” a reference to one of Donald Trump’s promises during his campaign.

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