10 Best Places In The World To Get Your Fortune Told

Whether you believe in fortune tellers or not, the experience of having your fortune told is entertaining at the very least. Sometimes, it can be life-changing. Though you can now get your fortune told pretty much anywhere in the world—and thanks to the internet, you don’t even have to leave your house—there are certain destinations around the globe that are the best for having your fortune told.

Every culture has a slightly different tradition when it comes to revealing the future. From tarot cards to birds to tea leaves, there are endless ways of looking into a person’s destiny. Keep reading to find out where you should go to get your fortune told

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10 Seoul, South Korea

Fortune-telling in South Korea is becoming a big business. According to the Economist, it will soon be a $3.7 billion industry, so if there’s any place to get your fortune told, it’s in Seoul! In Korean culture, fortune-telling is known as saju and is only becoming more prominent as the years go on.

This practice dates back to the ancient tribal traditions and is sometimes referred to as shamanism. While visiting Seoul, there will be plenty of places for you to get your fortune told and have your fate predicted.

9 New Delhi, India

A lot of travelers have had their fortunes told by Indian mystics. While there are indeed some scammers out there, some Indians do study Vedic Astrology and really do tell fortunes. Visit New Delhi and you’re bound to come across some genuine fortune-tellers who can actually tell you something that’s not a total lie.

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The basis of Vedic Astrology is that the precise position of the stars and planets determine the past, present, and future. This is sometimes called the science of light, according to Flight Centre. Indian fortune tellers will more than likely refer to star charts in order to reveal secrets about your personality and even to help you find an ideal partner.

8 Bucharest, Romania

The tradition of fortune-telling is heavily rooted in Romanian culture, which makes Bucharest an ideal location for getting your fortune told. Of course, you could probably find quality tarot readers right across Romania, including in the more remote and secluded villages away from the city.

Tarot reading goes back centuries in Romania, the tradition relying on messages received from cards with symbolic images. Most likely, you’ll be getting your fortune told by someone who was taught the practice from their parents. The tradition has been handed down in some Romanian families for generations.

7 Istanbul, Turkey

In Harry Potter, divination was practiced by reading the bottom of a teacup. And as it turns out, you don’t have to go to Hogwarts to find out secrets about your future from a cup of tea. Istanbul will do! Except in Turkey, your fortune will be told with coffee grinds rather than tea leaves.

Experts in coffee cup reading will analyze the shapes left in your cup to uncover any secret symbols that reveal messages about your future. There are also other types of fortune-telling in Turkey—even using fortune-telling rabbits!

6 Shanghai, China

There are locations right across China where you’ll be able to have your fortune told. One of the most popular places is outside the Jing-an Temple which can be found in Shanghai. In temples like these, fortune-telling dates back many years.

The fortune-telling in China tends to focus on reading the face rather than tea leaves, tarot cards, or even the stars. In a tradition that can be traced back to the reign of the Yellow Emperor more than 4,000 years ago, people believe that your face can show your history and your future.

5 New Orleans, USA

Of course, Americans don’t need to leave the USA just to have their fortune told. In the French Quarter of New Orleans, you’ll easily find someone who can tell you about your future. Sometimes, you’ll need to go inside shops or private homes for this service. Other times, according to French Quarter, you’ll be able to have your fortune told on the street.

Fortune telling in New Orleans dates back to the beginnings of voodoo—a phenomenon that arrived in Louisiana from Santo Domingo around 1790. Voodoo encompasses religion, superstition, and myth.

4 Kyoto, Japan

There are shrines all over Japan where you can have your fortune told. Visit any city and you’ll be able to have your future revealed using traditional Japanese methods that have been used for centuries. Basically, you’ll be asked to pull your paper from a row of numbered drawers.

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You might be lucky and see that you have many blessings ahead. Otherwise, you could be cursed. But don’t fear if you do get a bad fortune. The tradition is that you should tie it to a tree or a pole at the temple. That way, you leave the curse behind and don’t carry it with you when you leave.

3 Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

Fortune telling in Hong Kong is similar in some ways to fortune-telling in Japan. Known as Kau Cim, fortune-telling here involves rattling bamboo. The fortune teller which shake a bucket of bamboo sticks until one falls out. Each stick has a number inscribed on it, and then this number will be interpreted using tradition and ancient poetry.

One of the best places to have your fortune told in Hong Kong is at the Wong Tai Sin Temple, which is a popular destination in the district of Chuk Un.

2 Singapore, Malaysia

Singapore is an increasingly popular destination, especially amongst those who are looking to have their fortunes told. In a tradition originating from Southern India, fortune tellers in Singapore sometimes use tarot cards and parrots.

Rather than picking out your fortune themselves, a fortune teller will have the bird pick out a card from the deck using its beak. Then the fortune teller will interpret the symbols on the card to read you your fortune. This is similar to the Mexican tradition of having canaries pick out predictions about people’s futures.

1 Athens, Greece

Greece still holds onto many practices that first originated in ancient times. One of those is palm reading, which dates back to the days of Homer. Originally, the Greeks believed that the individual lines on your hand were related to a specific Greek god. The way the lines presented on your hand had the power to reveal both your past and your future.

You can experience palmistry anywhere in the world, but there’s nothing better than to enjoy this age-old practice in the land where it first came from.

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