10 surprising places to find the Statue of Liberty

A new Statue of Liberty museum opened this week in New York Harbor, but you don’t have to take a ferry to see Lady Liberty. Even before its dedication in 1886, replicas of the statue, officially called “Liberty Enlightening the World,” began to appear. Many tell important stories, says French scholar Robert Belot, an authority on the statue’s sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi and author of the new book “The Statue of Liberty: The Monumental Dream” (Rizzoli, $50). “All these replicas are very important. It is more than a statue. It’s more than a symbol of the United States.” In honor of the museum’s opening (libertyellisfoundation.org), he shares some favorites with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.


Standing near the Eiffel Tower, this official replica was created before the original monument was unveiled in New York. “The statue is looking to the west, in the direction of the United States,” Belot says. The artwork sits on Île aux Cygnes in the Seine, near Pont de Grenelle. “It’s very beautiful. It’s part of the landscape.” en.parisinfo.com

Ethnography Museum, Lviv, Ukraine

Apparently even Lady Liberty needs to take a load off. Known as the “lazy statue,” this is a rare example of a seated Statue of Liberty. She can be found on the museum’s exterior, relaxing on top of its dome. Created by a Polish sculptor in 1910, it’s unclear what message he was trying to send. “There are so many mysteries to these replicas,” Belot says. lviv.travel

Paragould, Arkansas

Since its debut, the statue has taken on different meanings. This replica in a courthouse square in northeast Arkansas was one of the first to use the monument to honor fallen soldiers. Inaugurated on Veterans Day in 1924, it remembers local servicemen who died during World War I. “It is very important. It says we were fighting not against Germans, but for liberty,” Belot says. arkansas.com

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