"Almost missed my flight" claim passengers at Luton Airport due to chaos at easyJet bag drops

Angry travellers have taken to social media to show enormous lines in the airport lobby, with many complaining that the long queues will mean they miss their flights.

The wait has been so long that easyJet has advised any passengers travelling from Luton today to arrived at the airport extra early.

Tracy Livingstone shared a video of the queues on Twitter with the caption: "Shame on you easyJet. This is Luton Airport right now.  My sister is there trying to drop her luggage off.

"It’s mayhem. Passengers panicking.  There are absolutely NO Easy Jet representatives anywhere to be seen. It’s disgraceful."

A passenger in the queue called Alison Challoner-Jones who also shared a video of the lengthy wait and said: "Not even through bag drop and we’ve to get through security AND make it to the gate! #nochance."

She added: "Luton Airport, where are your staff directing ‘traffic’ better get this sorted. There’s staff panicking. Passengers panicking."

As travellers waited to drop their bags off, some began to panic that they would miss their flights.

Laura Dransfield from Gloucester said: "I'm in that queue too, it's hideous. I'm in danger of missing my flight."

The long queues have been blamed on a fault with the automatic bag drop machines, where passengers who have checked in online tag their own bags.

Travellers scan their boarding passes and pay for any extra luggage fees before the machine prints off a stick to attach to the bag, which is then placed on a conveyor belt to be sent to the plane.

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An easyJet spokesperson said: "“easyJet apologises for longer than usual queues at bag drop at London Luton Airport. This is due to a technical issue affecting auto bag drop machines which means that agents are checking in passengers manually.

“We recommend all passengers from Luton allow extra time for bag drop as a result. easyJet is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible."

“We would like to thank passengers for their understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

EasyJet first introduced the UK's self-service machines at Edinburgh Airport in 2013, and have since rolled them out as several other airports including Gatwick, Manchester, Bristol and Luton.

Yesterday, Luton Aiport celebrated its 80th birthday.

Eight decades have passed since the airport opened July 16 1938, and since then Luton has hosted 264 Fighter Squadron planes  during WW2 and a number of celebrities – including the 199p England football team – as well as featuring in a very glamorous Campari ad.

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