Another Instagram couple slammed for hanging out of moving train for picture

Just last week a similar picture was taken on the same train by another influencing couple – and they were also criticised for the dangerous move.

In that image, traveller Racquel could be seen hanging completely out of the train while boyfriend Miguel planted a kiss on the forehead.

Both times, some of their hundred thousand strong followers had concerns.

Jean and Camille’s post received more than 35,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments.

A caption was shared with the image which read: ‘We couldn’t think of a better picture to describe our couple: Blind trust in each other, no matter what, madly in love, living on the edge (sometimes a bit too much), having fun whenever we can, and organised chaos’.

Followers weren’t convinced though. One person wrote: ‘This is how people die,’ while another wrote: ‘Wouldn’t call this adventure, but stupid, risking life for likes on Instagram.’

‘Another pic of people sacrificing themselves over a picture….ridiculous,’ echoed another.

Some people were wowed by the shot though. One person wrote: ‘Wow, that looks thrilling and totally romantic and wild,’ while another said: ‘amazing capture’.

Beautiful picture or not, we wouldn’t advise replicating the image.

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