Anthony Bourdain Says This Is the Most Obnoxious Thing You Can Do at the Airport

Anthony Bourdain spends plenty of time at airports. So when he speaks up about some of the worst faux pas he sees during his travels, we’re inclined to listen. We’ve all encountered a few annoying airline passengers, whether we fly once a year or all the time. And we certainly don’t want to be the annoying passenger ourselves! Especially if our fellow flyers include celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay.

To know what behaviors to avoid, read on to check out what Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay don’t want to see you doing the next time you fly.

1. Packing way too much stuff

Don’t overpack. | iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Gordon Ramsay

As demonstrated in the hilarious video where Gordon Ramsay drives Late Late Show host James Corden to the airport, the Michelin-starred chef doesn’t appreciate it when you schlep far too much stuff to the airport. Corden and Late Late Show band leader Reggie Watts ask Ramsay for a ride to LAX, then show up with luggage trolley packed with suitcases, a cooler, a fish bowl, and a variety of musical instruments. Sure, the episode was staged for maximum laughs. But as anyone who’s seen his temper on Masterchef or Kitchen Nightmares could imagine, Ramsay probably wouldn’t be particularly tolerant of fellow travelers overburdened with all kinds of unnecessary luggage.

2. Eating a heavy meal at the airport

Maybe you should skip the giant cheeseburger or Cinnabon. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Gordon Ramsay

Another common traveler behavior that Gordon Ramsay definitely judges? Eating a heavy meal or snack at the airport. When Corden asks Ramsay what he should eat at the airport — Cinnabon or Sbarro’s — Ramsay replies, “Keep it light.” The chef looks particularly annoyed when Corden asks whether he should eat two or three Cinnabons. Needless to say, Ramsay doesn’t really think that’s a good idea, and he’d probably judge you if he saw you waiting in line outside a Cinnabon at your terminal.

3. Pretending you’re enjoying the delays

Don’t be overly cheerful about delays in front of Gordon Ramsay. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Gordon Ramsay

In the Late Late Show skit, Ramsay seems stressed and annoyed by the major Los Angeles traffic jam. “Don’t worry, it’s going to be fine,” Corden tries to reassure him. “What are you worried for? We’re in it now,” Corden says of the traffic. “We might as well enjoy it!” But Ramsay is having none of it. He replies, “I think we’re more stuck in it than enjoying it.”

If you’re the kind of person with a sunny disposition who always tries to make the most of even the longest delay at the airport, some people might appreciate that. Just don’t count on Ramsay — or the other passengers on your flight — to feel the same.

4. Leaving your trash behind

She better not leave that cup behind. | Omrodinka/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Gordon Ramsay

Another thing Corden and Watts do that annoys Ramsay to no end? Watts leaves behind his salad, ostensibly for Ramsay, whom he jokes must be a little hungry. Again, we have no official Gordon Ramsay comment on the topic. But it’s not exactly a stretch to surmise that the celebrity chef could get pretty annoyed by travelers who leave their trash behind, either at the gate or on the plane. 

5. Carrying too many things onto the plane

Don’t take up everyone’s time putting away all your baggage. | LiudmylaSupynska/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain tells Travel + Leisure that travelers do plenty of obnoxious things at the airport on the plane. One of the worst things they can do on the plane, according to Bourdain? Carrying way too much stuff onto the aircraft. Bourdain specifically complains about “people who insist on bringing maximum stuff onto the plane and jamming it into the overhead, which takes 10 minutes.” We all want to avoid those checked baggage fees. However, most of us also want to be considerate of our fellow passengers who don’t want to stand in the aisle forever as somebody plays Tetris with half a dozen pieces of luggage.

6. Wearing jewelry or accessories that will cause security alarms to go off

Be ready to move quickly through security. | Mariakraynova/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Anthony Bourdain

Many travelers have gotten pretty strategic about what they wear to the airport. Most of us wear comfortable shoes that we can slip on and off quickly. We choose outerwear we can quickly take off and stuff in a bin at the security checkpoint. Plus, we choose clothes that aren’t likely to cause problems with the body scanner. However, some people still remain oblivious.

Bourdain complains to Travel + Leisure about people who wear tons of jewelry and metal accessories, even though they know those accessories will just cause problems at the TSA checkpoint. He tells the magazine that he’s always annoyed by travelers who “have bangles and jewelry and have dressed up even though they’re going to have to go through a metal detector.”

7. Not preparing yourself for the security checkpoint

No one wants to be stuck behind that person. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Anthony Bourdain

As for Anthony Bourdain’s biggest pet peeve at the airport? Getting stuck behind travelers who aren’t prepared to go through the security checkpoint. You have to take out your bag of liquids, remove your laptop from your bag, and take off your shoes and coat. But Bourdain sees plenty of travelers who forget to do some — or all — of those things as they make their way through airport security. The chef complains to Travel + Leisure, “They said no liquids and gels, motherf***er. You know? Come on!”

8. Getting angry about the annoying things that happen

Don’t over react to little issues. | NicoElNino/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Anthony Bourdain

While Bourdain was happy to vent to Travel + Leisure about obnoxious things people do at the airport, he ultimately acknowledges that it’s just as annoying when people overreact to the faux pas at the airport and on the plane. “I’m pretty good at just pulling the plug at this point, like a recidivist criminal,” Bourdain noted. “They say that when people who have served a lot of jail time are arrested, they generally don’t resist. They go limp. I’m like that, too. I don’t get angry, I don’t tap my feet, I don’t huff and puff or glare at people.”

9. Sitting in first class with your kids

Ramsay thinks kids belong in coach. | Vsurkov/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Gordon Ramsay

Numerous travelers have discovered that when you’re flying with kids, you’re usually better off in economy than in first class. That’s because your seat mates in first class are more likely to complain about a lively or noisy child than those in economy. Gordon Ramsay also seems to be against flying with kids in first class. In fact, he says that he never lets his kids fly in first class. And you can bet that he’d be annoyed if you let yours. He explains, “They don’t sit with us in first class. They haven’t worked anywhere near hard enough to afford that. At that age, at that size, you’re telling me they need to sit in first class? No, they do not. We’re really strict on that.”

10. Eating the airline’s food

Just pack a snack. | Urobanks/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Gordon Ramsay

Refinery29 learned that there’s just one thing that Gordon Ramsay would never eat: The food that the airline serves on the plane. “There’s no fucking way I eat on planes,” he explains. “I worked for airlines for ten years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board.” Chowing down on the airline’s food will not only annoy food-savvy passengers, like Ramsay. But it may also have some not-so-great consequences for your health, especially if you end up on an airline with notoriously unhealthy meals.

11. Consuming anything but a cocktail on your flight

Go ahead, order a cocktail. | Tuned_In/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Mario Batali

Similarly, chef Mario Batali thinks that you should never consume anything other than liquids — including cocktails — on your flight. We’re not sure nutritionists would agree, but Batali tells Bon Appétit, “I don’t eat in airports or on planes.” He adds, “I consume Bloody Marys on flights. I consider them breakfast and lunch. It’s the first thing I’ll do on a plane.” We’ve all heard people chomping on popcorn and rustling chip bags during flights, so we can’t say that we dislike Batali’s strategy. (Even if we’re not sure it’s a good one for long flights!)

12. Stinking up the cabin

Go to the bathroom if you can. | Frontpoint/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Mario Batali

We all feel bad for somebody who gets airsick on a flight, but most people would prefer that you rush to the bathroom to minimize odors in the cabin. When asked about the last time he flew coach, Batali tells Bon Appétit, “I was trying to get out of Aspen, which is always difficult because of the weather. I told the airline I’d take anything. They had one seat left — in the last row, next to the bathroom.” He went on, “Someone had vomited, so there was a wafting deliciousness, and it was between two people about my size. But hey, I got home.”

13. Checking your luggage

He’s judging you for checking your bag. | Fizkes/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Mario Batali

Mario Batali may not exactly be annoyed by fellow passengers who walk onto a plane without luggage in hand. But he’s definitely judging you for checking your baggage instead of keeping it with you. He tells GQ, “I don’t check luggage — never. That’s a rookie move, girl. They do laundry in hotels. There’s no reason not to. And even when I’m coming home, I have them do my laundry, because I like to put it in my little shelves all folded up like they do at a hotel.” So he recommends keeping things minimal. “In my carry-on is three of everything. Three shirts, three shorts, three underwear, three T-shirts, two vests, one jacket if I need it, one pair of long pants, that’s it. I don’t travel with a lot of shoes.”

14. Mobbing celebrities at the airport

Celebrities prefer when you keep to yourself. | VladTeodor/iStock/Getty Images

Whose pet peeve? Ina (and Jeffrey) Garten

When you see a celebrity chef, it seems hard to pass up the opportunity to walk up, introduce yourself, ask for an autograph, and gush about how much you love their show (or shows). But Ina Garten — and her husband Jeffrey — kind of wish you wouldn’t. Jeffrey tells People, “There are times when I’m at the airport and I’m sitting having a meal or a snack alone and I look up and suddenly I’m surrounded by people. They want me to sign their napkin, anything. I’m always very embarrassed.” Ina adds, “I always worry that one day he’s going to get sick of people walking up to him on the street and saying, ‘I love your wife.’”

How not to annoy celebrity chefs — and other travelers — when you fly

The best thing to do is be courteous to everyone. | ImageSource/iStock/Getty Images

There are numerous ways you can annoy your fellow travelers when you fly, whether they’re celebrity chefs or just regular people. But as flight attendants and other travel experts tell The Cheat Sheet, you can avoid most air travel faux pas just by using common sense and common courtesy. If you respect other people’s personal space, be kind to those around you, and realize that flying is a stressful experience for everybody, you probably won’t annoy anybody else on the flight.

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