Beautiful Falklands island that’s home to thousands of penguins goes up for sale

Imagine living on your very own island, complete with a white sand beach, where your neighbours are colonies of adorable penguins.

Well, that’s very much a reality for the owners of Pebble Island in the Falklands, whose family have been residents on the picturesque isle for 150 years.

But now, they’re offering to pass the baton on to someone else and are looking to sell up, as reported by Wales Online , because of the commitments that come with managing the property.

Pebble Island, which gets its name from the colourful pebbles found along its shores, boasts a cosy farmhouse, acres of land and, unsurprisingly, some pretty incredible ocean views.

But the real draw is that it’s basically the perfect place to channel your inner David Attenborough too thanks to the abundance of wildlife which reside on the island and the surrounding waters.

Sam Harris, whose mother Claire currently manages the island, told Wales Online: "There are tens of thousands of penguins. I used to spend hours watching them, from burrowing and inquisitive gentoos to rock hoppers bouncing up and down the cliffs."

In fact, there are four species of penguins; Macaroni, Gentoo, Magellanic and southern giant petrels.

But it’s not just penguins with whom you’ll be sharing the space. There is also an impressive variety of bird species – over 40 in fact – as well as a host of sea lions, sheep and cattle.

There have even been sightings of the occasional dolphin.

As for the landscape itself, expect everything from rugged green shores to a picture-perfect white sand beach. The latter, Elephant Beach, also happens to be the longest in the Falklands at 6.4km (four miles) long.

It’s basically ideal for those who want to get away from the daily grind and spend their days on a private idyllic island – but you won’t be completely cut off from the world as the island can be reached by both air and boat.

Not to mention there is accommodation currently on offer for tourists, including cosy lodge The Nest . You can read the TripAdvisor reviews to find out more.

Think it could be for you? Visit the official Falklands tourism website for more information.

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