British Airways passenger shocked by pathetic chicken sandwich that even the crew were 'embarrassed' to serve

A BRITISH Airways passenger was left stunned after being served a Chicken Caesar bread roll with so little filling that even cabin crew were "embarrassed" to serve it.

The airline later apologised for serving the measly sandwich choice.

The airline promised "chicken breast in a creamy mayonnaise with slow roast tomato topped with crispy iceberg lettuce served in a seeded roll".

But what Jo Henderson-Tchertoff, 50, opened on her March 28 Heathrow-JFK flight was much less appetising.

Her snap shows a rather dry-looking roll with a dash of butter smeared with what appears to be mayonnaise but with little evidence of chicken and none of the tomato. A few bits of limp-looking lettuce have been plopped on top.

Jo, from London, paid around £270 for her flight to New York on the way to Miami for a cruise.

Jo claims the airline added insult to injury by leaving her bags behind, meaning she did not get them until the following day.

She also claims a BA flight three weeks ago completely ran out of food.

Jo uploaded the picture to Facebook last week with the caption: "For amusement. Served on a recent LHR to JFK. BA catering getting worse."

Many users reacted to Jo’s picture with some sharing their own in-flight experience.

Facebook user Karly Chick said: "Absolutely horrendous."

Emily Williams added: "That's turned my stomach."

Debbie McIntyre wrote: "Think you’d have to sniff that, to see if there’s any chicken or tomatoes have been anywhere near that bread roll."

Eduardo R Abreu said: "They are despicable. On a recent flight JFK to LHR for breakfast they 'threw' a very cold croissant with cream cheese in it – nothing to drink. I threw it right back at them."

But Simon Rowland accused Jo of overreacting, writing: "Chicken Caesar is definitely chicken in cheesy mayo. I'd agree I'd have expected tomato whole, not as part of the dressing.

"But that's not worthy of calling it out as some sort of abomination. You flew economy. This is the pre arrival snack. You are badly misrepresenting things."

Jo hit back: "As I said in my post it was 'for amusement'. How can I be 'badly misrepresenting things' when I’ve shown a picture? I did not call it out as 'an abomination'.

“I have flown BA many times and have done for years. I travel frequently for work and experience a number of airlines.

"I also travel in a variety of classes and you’re insinuating that because I was in 'Economy' that this food is acceptable.

"Even the steward was embarrassed to serve this. This should not have been served on any airline, in any class as it is not really fit for purpose."

Speaking today Jo said: "I can’t remember what the first meal service was as I didn’t eat it and this roll was served pre landing.

"I was not impressed when I saw it. I am just shocked that whoever made this roll thought it was acceptable. The Steward seemed a bit embarrassed too.

"Also on this flight, mine was the only suitcase that wasn’t loaded so they lost my baggage too.

"I did get it the next day but I’ve still to get an explanation or apology from British Airways.

"I just think the decline in service and the don’t care attitude is getting worse."

Jo was not impressed with the company three weeks prior when she was returning from Moscow, Russia to London Gatwick Premium Economy.

She claimed that the company had run out of meals and told her that she would have to "eat the bread rolls."

She said: "British Airways ran out of one of the main meals and unfortunately I couldn’t eat either of the other two choices, so the attendant told me I’d just have to 'eat bread rolls'.

"I did write and complain and did get an apology from them."

A spokeswoman for British Airways said: "We pride ourselves on the quality of the meals we offer on board, and have heavily invested in our catering, in all cabins.

"We are sorry that our standards fell below our customer's expectations on this occasion."

In February this year, a couple splashed out thousands for a BA World traveller Plus ticket during a 12 hour flight – only to be handed a croissant and cereal bar instead of the promised traditional full English.

Steve Hislop and his partner paid £2,000 in total to upgrade their return flights from London Heathrow to Grand Cayman.

While Andrew Hedge was served a "dry bun" smeared with cream cheese on his £1,200 flight from Heathrow to Miami last July.

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